Launch SpaceX Rocket today, find out how to watch the rocket launch

Technology company Elon Musk SpaceX is set to attempt the next rocket launch on Saturday, Dec. 19. SpaceX had to scramble a launch attempt Thursday due to technical issues with the second phase of the rocket. So the next attempt was scheduled for the weekend. SpaceX is launching Falcon 9 from Kennedy Space Center. The first stage of this Falcon 9 has flown four times before. This includes two spacelights of SpaceX’s commercial repurchase missions to the International Space Station for NASA and also the launch of Starlink, as well as for SAOCOM 1B, a satellite launch activity for the Argentinian space agency in August.

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Launch of SpaceX today

A report in TechCrunch reveals that Saturday’s effort is set for 9:45 am. A live video of the launch will be broadcast on SpaceX’s official YouTube channel. This time around the space transport company will be trying to get back to their landing station at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, which is rarer against the use of their two drone vessels stationed in the bay. SpaceX is now in high demand.

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It was introduced to allow rocket boosters to recover because they did not have enough fuel on board to make it back ashore. In addition, National Audit Office (NRO) mission parameters allow a “return to sender” return trip home. This morning’s mission was named NROL-108 for the National Audit Office. Space Coast residents and spectators need to be ready for three-part sonic booths just over eight minutes after build.

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Where can you watch the SpaceX launch live?

According to SpaceX’s official website, the lift can be viewed live on the company’s official website. The Livestream will start 15 minutes before build time. It also streams on YouTube.

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SpaceX launched Nextgen satellite for SiriusXM

Just 6 days ago, the company launched a new generation of radio broadcast satellite into space. It was launched on Sunday, Dec. 13. It was carried by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. The SXM 7 satellite comes with SiriusXM’s active fleet and is designed to provide entertainment and data services for super- the land of the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for up to 15 years.

SpaceX also revealed on its website that it emits 8,000 watts of content and delivers the highest power density of any commercial satellite on orbit. SiriusXM replaces the XM-3 satellite currently in orbit. Sunday’s launch marks SpaceX’s 69th successful upgrade and its 25th Falcon 9 mission this year.