Lars Von Trier ‘The Kingdom’ returns for third & final season – Deadline

Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom, the TV show set on the Copenhagen hospital neurosurgical ward that ran for two seasons in the 1990s, returns for the third and final series of five programs to be shot in 2021.

The cult show, which was released as a five-hour film in some areas, was scheduled to run for three seasons but was not partially completed due to the deaths of the film’s leading members Ernst-Hugo Järegård and Kirsten Rolffes. The Zentropa producers are keeping details underfoot but said the new edition will be a mix of new and returning characters.

Von Trier has written the script, again with Niels Vørsel, and will direct the five programs under the title The Kingdom of Exodus. There is no information about plots but he is expected to study unsolved stories about the hospital as well as revive old disputes between the Swedes and the Danes.

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Louise Vesth performs through Zentropa Entertainments and the show is a collaboration between Viaplay, DR and Zentropa with financial support from Film i Väst and Nordisk Film & TV Fond among others.

Along with the release of the third season, which is planned for 2022 and will appear locally on the Viaplay streamer, revised versions of the eight programs from the first and second series will be re-released. TrustNordisk handles sales.

The original two seasons were remixed by Stephen King into a 13-program US drama Kingdom Hospital in 2004.

This is von Trier ‘s first step behind the camera since then The house that Jack built, released in 2018, and its first small screen attempt since the early 2000s.

Here is a cryptic statement from von Trier:

“Boundaries come in many forms; they can be lines drawn by rulers on white paper (often invisible to anyone visiting the exact geographical locations). Boundary lines can be pictorial, unless they say very deceptively and completely; they can be drawn in a soft, red, almost invisible color, and perhaps even as a dotted line, almost as if they were apologetic or even embarrassing. ”

“Still, the lines hang there in incredible numbers, and together they make up those ‘areas’ that the residents are strong enough to protect. Going in and out often involves violence, because, of course, any visitor is expected to return after the end of his business.

“On Earth,“ the machine that makes everything go round (lifetime, that is) ”depends on the conflict that the lines provoke, as if by design . Whether Exodus means “going in” or “leaving” depends on the area from which the boundary is being monitored, but the word just describes on a large number of people crossing a line drawn in pencil together. Why?… .. There is an imbalance between good and evil! The limit was reached, at least at the Kingdom…. But I can’t guarantee that it will be easy and bloodless to lift the seven astral locks in the world at the same time with a doctor’s blood. ”

TrustNordisk Managing Director Susan Wendt said, “We are delighted with this news and are delighted to be producing the series. The Kingdom of Exodus by one of the best auteurs of our time. With this news, listeners around the world can look forward to at least five new UK programs, some of Lars von Trier ‘s most unique and beloved work. We have great confidence in the project and we truly believe that something special will arise from within the walls of the Kingdom again. ”

Producer Louise Vesth said, “Zentropa is very proud to announce this final The Kingdom. Hospitals, horror and comedy by Lars von Trier is additionally added to the top just as a perfect series addiction. With the five new programs in The Kingdom of Exodus, there will be a total of 13 programs in the series. “