Khabib trainer Javier Mendez gives his opinion of Jake Paul ahead of Ben Askren’s bout

Javier Mendez, coach of Khabib Nurmagomedov, sees Jake Paul as his favorite for his boxing match against Ben Askren. However, he warned that the YouTuber could easily surrender if he falls into the previous UFC welterweight game.

Internet commentary has turned to professional boxer Jake Paul in anticipation of his third professional boxing fight on April 17 against Askren, a former Bellator and ONE welterweight supporter with a short passage through the UFC.

YouTuber’s unusual matchup against a former high-profile MMA fighter has been dragging attention throughout the world of combat sports. Speaking on Mike Swick’s podcast, Mendez shared his thoughts on the upcoming store:

“Ben Askren is a multi-level athlete at the highest level and not just wrestling, you know, in MMA. I mean, this guy is a high-level jujitsu guy. He’s tall In as many boxers as you can, yes, there aren’t many boxers, but as a hero, he ‘s a great fighter, and sometimes you don’t have to be a boxer. a boxer to beat a fighter, you have to be a fighter, and Ben Askren is a hero, “Mendez said.

“So you know, on the technical side and the better boxing, Jake Paul got that all day. The power side? Jake Paul. The distance? Jake Paul. The size gain? Jake Paul. The experience in boxing? Jake Paul.But the real fight at that tournament at world level? Ben Askren.If Jake can’t put it away, it ‘s better to be able to have enough energy to save himself past the fifth, fourth round. Because if he doesn’t, he’s going to drown. Ben will drown him, “Mendez said.

How could things go wrong for Jake Paul against Ben Askren, according to Javier Mendez?

Jake Paul v AnEsonGibPublished 14 February 2021, 06:16 IST