Katz makes the final pitch to stop the budget, stopping the election

Israeli Finance Minister Katz made a last-minute attempt to block the upcoming election, urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to allow the 2020 state budget to go to a cabinet vote on Sunday. If the Knesset does not deliver the budget before 12:00 am on Wednesday, December 23, the legislature will be automatically disbanded, launching a new election, which is, at this stage, the most likely scenario. If Netanyahu followed Katz ‘s recommendation, it would take lawyers less than three days to complete a process that usually takes months. At the same time, the 2020 budget, which Katz submitted to the cabinet on December 7, would be much more limited than any previous budget, as it would only apply for seven days. The truncated budget came as a result of a political compromise reached in August, the original date on which the budget was supposed to pass, 90 days after the government was formed. Katz also called on Defense Minister Benny Gantz to support his proposal and continue talks on a budget for 2021, the deadline for – after it was postponed under the law – the March 31. Gantz suspended talks on the 2021 budget, as he supports early elections, even though the Ministry of Finance has an Economic Reconciliation Bill, which will go through with the budget, and -market developments already prepared for next year, Katz said. “You are avoiding budget support and dragging Israel to an unnecessary election because of irresponsible political arguments at the national level , and it is a direct attack on the economy for the citizens of the state of Israel, ”said Katz, speaking to his views at Gantz.

The Finance Minister noted that Israel is close to a third coronavirus lockout and among the work to roll out vaccines. “Israel needs … a stable and strong government that works for the citizens of Israel, as they get us out of health, economic and social crisis, and we must all rise above and prevent expensive choice, destructive and useless, ”he said.