Juventus Next Club to get ‘All or Nothing’ series for 2021 as Trailer falls

Juventus are the next football club to receive the ‘All Or Nothing’ treatment on Amazon Prime when a trailer tingling a series of crashes.

Tottenham, Bayern Munich and Manchester are among the other clubs that have agreed to take part in the behind – the – scenes documentary – but Juventus have a bigger star than all of them (and we don’t mean Wojciech Szczcsny).

Cristiano Ronaldo is shown training, laughing with teammates and – of course – looking furious in Juve ‘s dressing room, while stamping his feet.

The trailer will also feature new Juventus boss Andrea Pirlo, club legend Gianluigi Buffon, Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligt and more – all around fitting power for a musical score.

What’s particularly interesting is that Juve’s ‘All Or Nothing’ is aimed at the 2020/21 season, which so far is not going according to plan.

Despite Ronaldo’s impressive goal, the Italian champions are up against him in Serie A – currently third and eight points behind Inter Milan. Juventus lost the first leg of the Champions League final-16 tie 2-1 in Porto.

Pirlo is under pressure despite being as pedigree as a player – and the cool, fit, impossible guy we see in the trailer may look a little more stubborn and quieter as the series goes on. forward.

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Of course, with all these lines, the club has a big voice in what is and isn’t shown (hard to shake the illusion).

But they tend to be very interesting when things go a little wrong. Such was the 2019/20 Spurs season when Mauricio Pochettino was let in and Jose Mourinho came on – then he had a few words of choice for Dele Alli.

According to Juve ‘s official press release, the series will cover: “The explosion of the pitch, the stories that come around a game, but also the daily life of the first team and club.

“You will be told everything you would expect to see, and everything you would not expect will be seen, giving you the opportunity to enter the world like never before.

“These new docuseries take viewers on an incredible and exciting journey, delving deep into every stage of the season, reaching its most iconic moments in the coming months.”

Sounds really good. Just show us as many of Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals and meltdowns as we can and we’ll all be happy.

Special image credit: Amazon Prime