Just three days left until automated elections are called

With just three days left until the Knesset is automatically disbanded, setting the fourth round of premature elections, the obstacles needed to overcome the coalition will be deceptive until the stabilizing normal government looks inevitable. If elections are blocked, a budget would be blocked. must be passed by midnight on Tuesday, December 22 and while it is almost impossible to do so at this late stage, Likud and Blue and White could pass legislation to delay head- budget day, again, if agreement is reached on the other main bone of contention, control of legal and legal functions. But even that legislation would require a majority that would be very difficult to secure in the current Knesset. At the same time, the Likud wants more authority in appointing emergency positions in the law and judicial systems, including a new state lawyer, a new lawyer, and judges. Blue and White took strict control of the Ministry of Justice to undermine the influence of Likud and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on precarious positions as the Prime Minister is at the center of a criminal lawsuit. Blue and White appear to be embracing those demands, which would weaken Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn, according to a report on Channel Nissenkorn at 12.Blue and White have emerged as an opponent any further concessions to the Likud, with rumors circulating that he could abandon the party if his leader, Commercial Prime Minister Benny Gantz, seeks to extend the life of the current government, and by extension, his post political.

“There will be no discounts,” Gantz wrote on his Facebook page on Friday. “I will say again to the Likud, the time for lies has come to an end – the time for action has arrived.” If Netanyahu, who broke the agreement between us time and time again, does not do the right thing, we will go to elections and make sure that he does not become prime minister again. And we will continue to control the key positions and use our power. The Likud Party said in response: “The government’s continued tenure when we see a light at the end of the tunnel calls for compromise from all sides to work together to achieve the [coronavirus] vaccinations and providing financial support to Israeli citizens. It is a shame to drag the country to elections at this time. If they send us elections we will be ready and we will win. ”