Jim Carrey will leave Joe Biden’s career behind at ‘Saturday Night Live’

The country has a president. But who will play on “Saturday Night Live” as he prepares to be sworn in?

The question is reopened after actor Jim Carrey took to Twitter on Saturday to tell fans he was leaving after Joe Biden’s opinion he has offered over the first six programs of the 46th season the show. Carrey has not appeared in sketches in the last two broadcasts of “SNL”, and Alec Baldwin, who has represented President Donald Trump for the past four seasons and early in the man current.

“Although my term was only 6 weeks, I was delighted to be elected SNL President,” the actor said via Twitter. “I would like to go ahead and know that Biden was the winner because I eliminated that. But I’m just one of a long line of proud people, fighting SNL Bidens! ”

Carrey’s news opens the part to someone else. While “Saturday Night Live” did not immediately provide insight into who might be picking up the idea, Carrey’s departure could allow a cast member to cross over or allow the inter-donor show to take place. to find different. Former footballer Maya Rudolph has recently played Vice President Kamala Harris.

Playing the role of US president on “SNL” can be daunting. In news reports, Baldwin has suggested that he interferes with some of the response that prompted his Trump opinion. Chevy Chase is still remembered for playing cliché, stopping President Gerald Ford in the early days of the show, and Dana Carvey ‘s view of President George HW Bush was recognized by him The Chief Executive himself.

Others have played Biden in the past. Jason Sudeikis, who was a shooter, for several years offered a version of Biden and the brio often went beyond the ability to stay on message. Woody Harrelson played Biden while hosting “SNL” in 2019, and returned to play again. John Mulaney played it last season. Kevin Nealon was the first “SNL” shooter to be spotted by Biden, who made a comment in 1991, when the show put forward U.S. Senate confirmation hearings on Justice Clarence Thomas’ announcement in the Supreme Court.

Carrey’s painting brought “SNL” to new places. Opening sketches by Carrey as Biden were longer and more involved than usual – one of which was over 13 minutes long – and Carrey would often engage with Trump at Baldwin; supported by Rudolph’s Harris; or with Dr. Jill Biden at Heidi Gardner.

In one of those “cold openings,” former Vice President Ersatz transformed himself into a fly and traveled to the national debate between Senator Harris and current Vice President Mike Pence . In the process, Carrey went from imitating Biden to starring actor Jeff Goldblum, who starred as a prolific scientist in the 1986 film, “The Fly.” In another broadcast, Carrey’s Biden used a remote control device to oust President Baldwin Trump and bring a moment of peace to the country. “Isn’t that satisfying?” Asked politician Carrey.

“SNL” viewers will no doubt be keen to see who plays Biden for the next time. With Carrey retiring, it is certainly possible to announce a new reporter soon. The next broadcast of “SNL” will appear tonight on NBC at 11:30 pm east.