Jean will be honored on International Women’s Day

ONE System | 14/02/2021 16:34

Sylvie Jean (Hagai Michaeli)

Sylvie Jean (Hagai Michaeli)

Former Israeli footballer Sylvie Jean has been selected by a university in Germany as one of 11 female footballers to be commended for International Women’s Day on March 8, for the 110th time. This time it was decided to do a special campaign, with an auction of shirts bearing the image of the various selected female football players, with each female football player selected according to her decade, and the shirts to be sold at auction.

Jean was chosen to represent the 1940s and was described as the pioneer of women’s soccer in Israel and as a player who scored over 1,000 goals in her career. It is also written that “Because there was no league for women, it moved to play in Norway. After the establishment of an Israeli league, it won seven championships and six trophies again, scoring 29 goals in 23 games for the Israeli national team. Sylvie did not live in the 1940s, but as a successful actress from Israel, her career is a symbol of victory for the persecution of millions of Jewish women in Nazi Germany. “

Sylvie Jean (ONE System)Sylvie Jean (ONE System)

Sylvie Jean Responded: “I must say that it is a great honor for me to be at this event alongside greats like Brigitte Prins from the German team, Avi Wombak from the United States and other favors we will be at the event together with 11 players from all over the world. The event is on behalf of the Women’s Football Academy in Germany and the Football Association. The event is under the direction of Professor Haynes Raiders and all for the eradication of violence against women. “

She added: “The shirts of all of us with our signatures will be on the website of the German Football Academy and the sacred income for this noble cause. Most proud to be included among the world top of women’s football. As a woman, I am most proud to contribute to an international event on Women’s Day on March 8, with a respectable zoom and talk about my country, me as a footballer and ‘no to violence’ not only in the wake of the shocking cases in Israel, but against violence against women around the world. Appreciation for their abilities, strengthening and empowerment in every way. As the representative of Israel, I am proud to raise all the women in the world. We are equal and strong. “

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