“It took me more than a month to get back from the corona, I suffered a lot”

Moanes Dabour hopes to embark on a new path. After playing just 24 minutes in Hoffenheim’s last three games, and not scoring since early November, the Israeli striker completed 88 minutes yesterday and scored a goal in his side’s 2-2 draw with Borussia Dortmund, and in an interview with “5 in the Air” he described the feelings: ” “It’s fun to come back and score. I finally get back to myself and I feel great, I missed playing and I’m glad I got the credit in the squad this week and I did it again. The most important thing is to be healthy and come back to play and I’m sure more expatriates will come.”

On Wednesday, the same Dortmund will meet Sevilla in the Champions League, whose fans still remember Dabour, even though he did not succeed there, and the striker said: “They supported me and loved me, and to this day I get messages from the fans. Dortmund are not in the best shape, and Sevilla are in top form. “With a great team then I go for them, but you can not know anything. Dortmund have players who can finish a game in mode or half mode. I’m sure it will be a fun game to watch.”

And speaking of Dortmund, it is impossible not to mention its star, Arling Holland, whom Dabour knows well from their time together in Brad Bull Salzburg: “He is the best striker in the world along with Lewandowski. What else can be said about him? He is really a machine. From day one in Salzburg we saw that it was “In something special, in training he was always focused on the exiles and he was only interested in the goal. We saw that there was something extraordinary about his physicality and strength, and he became a crazy scorer.”

“I did not expect him to reach the world top so quickly,” Dabour admitted, recounting the connection between the two. “We sat and talked a bit after the game like in the whole game, we’re in a weekly relationship. He’s an amazing person and the most humble person in the world off the field. He may seem arrogant but he’s not, he’s an amazing kid.”

And who is the next great talent in the Salzburg Bull Rebellion that is worth keeping an eye on? “Seko Kuita. They also signed Brendan Aaronso, a talent from the US who is said to be the next thing.”

Dabour was asked about his teammate Sean Weissman and his condition at Real Valladolid: “I have nothing to say about Sean, the team is not in the best shape, he gave three goals last month and was in good shape, he is in a team that does not get into many situations. He runs and tries “All the time, but it’s not easy. When you don’t go to a team, it’s harder to get into situations, and even when you do, you have to take advantage of one by one.”

However, Dabour does not think Weissman was wrong in the team he chose to move to last summer: “He plays even when he is not conquering, so they hold on to him and build on him, and I believe he will give his numbers in the end. “Last month he gave three goals and they have already talked about him differently. The striker should play as much as possible. I have hardly played in the last two months and no one is talking about it.”

Along with what is happening with him in Germany, the striker is following developments in the Premier League, and sounds happy with what is happening: “I had no doubt that Maccabi Tel Aviv will return to the fight, and on the other hand I really like what is happening at Maccabi Haifa. It is good for all of us, players and the league. “I finally enjoy watching games and being involved. Of course I am very happy for my friends at Maccabi, and on the other hand I have friends at Maccabi Haifa. There is interest and I love it.”

Dabour also referred to the reasons that led to Hatem Abed al-Hamid’s return to Israel from Celtic: “I hope I will not get into a situation where I will not be with the woman and the girl, but I know how difficult it was for Hatem to be away from the family. “To do it, and I believe that most Israelis will not want to be far away either. It is difficult and I understand and know what he went through. He is a big boy who knows what he is doing, and I believe he is whole with it.”

The Israeli striker told of his season at Hoffenheim, in the shadow of the Corona he suffered from: “The club went through a difficult period with the injuries and the Corona and I am one of the players who suffered the Corona more professionally. It took me over a month to get back to fitness, full training, small injuries. “Time in relation to others and after I came back we were in an unpleasant situation where they talked about being nominated for relegation and we got 4-0 from Schalke, and I still did not come back to myself then.”

“Even when I felt great the last two weeks I didn’t really play,” he added. “Because I went in several times 7-8 minutes to the end. I did not make faces because I know what the expectations are of me and trained harder. I talked to the coach and the sports director, I had a great game yesterday but I did not fly to the sky. My first goal is to be as healthy and after “I have no doubt that in terms of ability, I know that I am a local in the squad. At the beginning of the year I was one of the leaders in the group and things have changed, I need to regain my status because there are no gifts here.”

On his coach, Sebastian Hans, he said: “He is an excellent coach and we have gone through a period that was not easy for him either, we are still not where we are supposed to be and we hope that together we will take ourselves in hand and embark on a new path.”