Israelis will be trapped in apartments, cars like heavy rain flooding the country

Storms flooded the country throughout Tuesday and Wednesday nights, forcing emergency services to rescue many people trapped overnight with rising waters, Israeli Police said Wednesday morning. In particular, the emergency services searched three suburbs submerged in Holon. As a result of the heavy rains, additional crews were brought in to help with the investigation, police noted. A man was rescued from his flooded flat near Ramat HaSharon, and three people were rescued from their flooded places in Herzliya. Two people were rescued from the clutches of their car near Hadera after waters rose inside. Another man trapped in his car was rescued in central Israel.Traffic officers redirect traffic on Route 90 as sections of the road were flooded, Wednesday, December 16, 2020. (Credit: Police Spokesperson Unit)The Israeli Police Traffic Department announced that it had stopped several sections of Route 90 on Wednesday, as parts of the road were completely flooded. Drivers were redirected to other routes. Waters were filling rivers in northern Israel, raising concerns that some could overflow and cause flooding, police noted. In addition, footpaths in southern Israel have been closed due to flood concerns and the possible collapse of riverbanks, according to the Israeli National Parks Authority. The waters filled the Tavor River and Harod.Later Wednesday, six hikers were trapped at the Mezad Zurim hill in southern Israel after heavy rains quickly flooded the area. Rescue teams were sent to the scene. No injuries were reported. The water level in Lake Kinneret has risen three centimeters since Tuesday, according to the Israeli Water Authority.Harod stream is filled with heavy water (AMI DORFMAN / NATIONAL PART AUTHORITY).