Israeli elections: Voting fraud, police attacks, and inmates

Israeli Police reported a number of incidents across the country as they handled population control and investigated complaints of voter fraud.
The director of the Central Electoral Committee (CEC) Orly maintains that voters earlier in the day did not have to worry about voter fraud. However, one woman looked up to her local polling station in Tel Aviv around noon, ready to cast her ballot, just to find out that someone had already voted using her name and number. ID. “It was not the most enjoyable experience,” she said Post Jerusalem. The bureaucratic process that followed, once she alerted the authorities and police on arrival, was so heavy that she turned around and went home.

“All we have done for the past few months is to strengthen the defenses that prevent the possibility of damaging the integrity of the Israeli election,” Ades said.

In Beit Shemesh, eggs and other objects were thrown at officers stationed at polling stations.

In Netanya, two incidents of identity theft were reported by Israeli Police. Three people have been arrested for pretending to be polling officers.

A few hours later, access to the town was blocked by about 100 protesters who set fire to garbage. Two people were arrested.

In Petah Tikva, an unstable man came to a polling place with a knife, threatening the people around him. He was quickly apprehended and brought in for questioning.

Three suspects have been arrested for assaulting police in East Jerusalem, according to a police spokesman. The rocks were thrown at the officers.

In addition, a polling station official in Barta’a near Jenin was attacked on Tuesday morning, the CEC said. What has happened is handling the police.

Two people were arrested in Jerusalem’s Old Town Tuesday after an attack on Border Police with a metal pole, a spokesman said.

The Israeli Prison Service prepared for Election Day with 61 stations opened in prisons across the country for the 8,300 eligible voters who have been vindicated, he said.