Israel will provide a “windbreaker” to the German army

A life-saving means and a product of groundbreaking thinking

Photo: Krauss-Maffei Wegmann

The German Ministry of Defense and the German Ministry of Defense have signed a G2G deal to supply Rafael’s TROPHY active defense system for the German Army’s Leopard 2 tank.

The deal, led by Mapat (the director of weapons development) and the Rafael company, was signed by the director general of the Ministry of Defense, Maj. Gen. (Res.) Amir Eshel, and a senior official in the German Ministry of Defense.

The deal includes tank packaging, interceptors, spare parts and operational and technical training. Under the agreement, the Ministry of Defense will supply the systems to the German Ministry of Defense in the coming years.

The “windbreaker” system made by “Raphael” is one of the most advanced active protection systems in the world. It provides protection for tanks and APCs and has the ability to deal with all anti-tank threats in the arena. In the IDF, the system has been operational for many years and is now integrated in all Mark 4 chariot tanks and the tigers leaving the production line.

The system has proven itself in many operational activities and has recorded a large number of anti-tank missile interceptions, along with maintaining the various combat forces and platforms.

The head of R&D at Mapat, Brigadier General Yaniv Rotem: “This is a deal of great importance, which strengthens the close security relationship between the two countries. We thank the German Ministry of Defense for expressing confidence in the defense system and the Israeli industries and are confident that the system will maximize the capabilities of the German “embroidery”.

The head of the German Procurement and Logistics Organization (RAAINBw), Colonel Jürgen Schmidt, said: “We look forward to implementing excellent ‘windbreaker’ systems that will protect our Leopard 2 tanks. We thank the Israeli Ministry of Defense for its successful cooperation in advancing the German forces.” .

The head of the Land and Sea Systems Division in Raphael, Dr. Ran Gozli: “I am very pleased that Germany has joined the group of users of the Windbreaker system, together with the IDF and the US Land Army. In doing so, Germany joins countries that provide the best protection for their forces and assets against the growing threat of war against armor. We look forward to working in collaboration with KMW. ”

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz: “Once again, we see the appreciation and respect of leading security bodies around the world for Israel’s innovation and technology. Like many developments by Mapat and Rafael, the” windbreaker “system is first and foremost a life-saving means and a product of thinking. A breakthrough for the defense industry, who are a significant factor in strengthening Israel’s security position. “The fact that Germany, with which Israel shares an important and long-lasting relationship, expresses confidence in the system, emphasizes the strength of Israeli industry and the close cooperation between the two countries.”