Israel to suspend COVID-19 cell phone monitoring next month

Next month Israel will stop monitoring the cell phone of coronavirus cases except carriers who refuse epidemiological questioning or if a surgeon occurs in seizures, a government ministry said.

Used on and off since March in efforts to crack down on COVID-19, Shin Bet terrorist group surveillance technology studies have identified hackers’ locations against other nearby cell phones to determine who they came from the communication.

קבלת סמס עם בקשה לכניסה לבידודקבלת סמס עם בקשה לכניסה לבידוד

Text message sent to the phone followed by Shin Bet

The way to deal with challenges in the courts and in parliament is due to privacy concerns and questions about its effectiveness. Some Israelis avoid using publicly registered cell phones in the hope that they will not be tracked and ordered into quarantine.

A cabinet panel that reviewed the route decided not to extend it beyond Jan. 20, when a law permitting its use comes to an end, the Ministry of Information said.

“The device will serve as a safety net, to be applied to coronavirus carriers that do not cooperate with the epidemiological study and in the event of a significant increase in morbidity,” he said in a statement. .

The survey alone accounted for 7% of case detection in Israel, with questioning by Ministry of Health inspectors outlining the rest, he said.

Israel, with a population of 9 million, has reported 365,042 coronavirus cases and 3,034 deaths. After two national locks, the country may once again put loopholes on towns if tenancies were revived, officials said.

בנימין נתניהובנימין נתניהו

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

(Photo: GPO)

On Saturday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became the first person in Israel to receive the COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer and BioNTech, and shipments began arriving last week.

Officials say Israel will have enough vaccines by the end of this year for the most vulnerable and predict a return to normal by March. Opinion polls have found that some two-thirds of Israelis want to be vaccinated.