Israel opens to the vaccinated – Channel 7

The Corona Cabinet has decided that Israel will provide benefits to the vaccinated starting next week. Among the benefits – malls and shopping centers, including markets, gyms, museums, cultural and sports events, hotels (excluding dining rooms), swimming pools and exhibitions. This was reported here 11.

Street shops and chapels are expected to open to everyone, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not – along with crowd restrictions.

The Ministry of Health requests that the relief begin only next Tuesday, depending on the morbidity data, but in blue and white they demand that the opening of the farm to the vaccinated be brought forward to next week. A decision on the issue is expected tomorrow in the cabinet that will convene in the morning, after the meeting today ended without agreements on the issue.

Finance Minister Israel Katz told News 12 that there will be no more closures. Business will open on Sunday – forever. Purim is a point issue that needs to be resolved. “

Tonight (Sunday), the Clalit Health Services Research Division published encouraging data from the corona virus vaccination campaign.

According to the data, there is a 94% decrease in infection with symptoms and a 92% decrease in the number of infected people whose condition is defined as severe.

A total of 1.2 million people were tested and 600,000 vaccinated were compared with 600,000 who were not vaccinated.

Prof. Ran Blitzer, director of the Clalit Health Services Research Institute and a member of the Ministry of Health’s epidemic treatment team, called on young people to get vaccinated. ” We need to turn the spotlight now on the young age group, aged 40-60, who have not yet been vaccinated. These are about 500,000 people, 27% of their peers, who do not always perceive themselves as a population at risk, but are now 31% of the respirators. One in 30 people at this age who become infected will be hospitalized with a serious illness. Go get vaccinated ”, he asked.

Earlier today, a discussion was held in the Corona Cabinet on the opening of the economy in accordance with the outline of the green mark, the opening of the education system and the return of cultural events.

During the discussion, the ministers unanimously approved the outline of the flight: up to 2,000 people will be allowed to enter Israel every day, the activities of Israeli and foreign airlines will be expanded.

Corona’s commissioner Prof. Nachman Ash told the ministers: ” We have a heightened fear of the holiday of Purim with all the possibilities that lie around it. We are very, very upset about Purim. “Consider whether to go out only to explain what is allowed and what is forbidden, even in synagogues, compared to more severe measures of restrictions and night curfews.”

Due to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s meeting with the President of Cyprus, the discussion in the cabinet has been stopped and will resume tomorrow.

The prime minister asked the ombudsman’s representatives to prepare some options for regulations to be approved tomorrow, but Mandelblit’s representatives explained that there are disagreements between government ministries and therefore they do not know which regulations to prepare.

Netanyahu rebuked the lawyers and told them: “In hard, sweaty and tormented clerical work, we will prepare regulations for several scenarios. Why when they offer me a sale they tell me ‘you have such and such and such an option’. “The IDF, the Mossad, the GSS, they all do it in the morning news. Why don’t you do it? I can’t understand it.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ganz attacked each other. Netanyahu said that “for political motives we must not be pushed to a quick and irresponsible opening of the economy.” Ganz criticized the leaks from government meetings, comparing them to a leaked classified presentation from the cabinet in Operation Eitan in 2014.

“When I was chief of staff during Operation Eitan, they leaked a classified and sensitive security presentation for political interests, narrow and ugly. All this while IDF soldiers were fighting and killing themselves. “While the people in the envelope are in the emergency rooms day and night, as today the doctors and nurses continue to work hard. Prime Minister, I demand that you make sure that the meetings are not leaked,” Ganz said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu proposed during the hearing to consider imprisonment for those who refuse to leave for isolation in a hotel.

National Corona Commissioner Prof. Nachman Ash said that ” the decline in the number of serious patients is still very slow. I present an optimistic picture, but cautious optimism. There is a decrease in morbidity, but looking ahead one should beware of irresponsible opening that will lead to an increase in morbidity. Another encouraging statistic is the number of verified per day. “Any decrease in the figure is important, and we see the effect of the closure on the figure.”

The Blue and White Party proposed at the meeting that the government announce soon a closure during Purim in order to allow the public to prepare for this in advance. The Ministry of Health intends to require the government to promote legislation that would require teachers, drivers, doctors and nurses to be vaccinated. The ministry further suggests that those who have not been vaccinated will be allowed to enter only essential stores in malls, such as writers or pharmacies.