Israel locks Purim, czar virus says

Israel’s czar coronavirus said Sunday that officials are embarking on a crackdown during Purim’s Jewish holiday next week out of fear that major riots will take its toll another version of COVID-19 in the country.

The festival came last year when the government imposed first restrictions on public gatherings, which were less stringent and did little to stop them. Ministry of Health Director General Hezi Levi also said last week the ministry is considering imposing strict restrictions this year during the Purim and Passover holidays.

Prof. Nachman Ash told Ynet TV that he is concerned that the images of the celebration will be repeated this year and lead to the spread of recurrent disease.

“We’re very worried about the holidays, and we’re worried about using public relations or more risky measures like an overnight curfew or locking,” said Ash. “We don’t want to stop people from celebrating the holidays and spoiling all sports, but there is still a lot of concern,” he said.

He said that if restrictions are eventually implemented, they must be applied equally across the country, but that he knows that this is not up to him, apparently referring to on predominantly ultra-Orthodox regions.

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United Torah Judaism MK and Constitution, Justice and Justice Committee head Knesset Yaakov Asher

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United Judaism Torah MK and Knesset Constitution, Justice and Justice Committee head Yaakov Asher, who was also present in the interview with Ash, said “there are mitzvahs that need to be adhered to, but this can be done without large gatherings . ”

Asher commanded the virus czar for his hard work to be the “bad guy” who decides what closes and what opens.

When asked if the UK variant is more dangerous than mainstream coronavirus, Ash said more research is needed to come to a conclusion.

However, he noted that there are more people in their 40s and 50s who are seriously ill with the virus, as well as 12 pregnant women, and he summarizes because of their weight .

According to him, Israel has confirmed 124 cases of various South Africans, which he said health officials are trying to contain.

“We are very sorry about the release of the variable and are taking steps to stop it,” Ash said.

With Israel’s coronavirus vaccination campaign seeing a turnaround, the pandemic czar said the current main battle of officials against false news is spreading misinformation, with the ministry opening a special help center.

“We’re looking at how best to encourage people to get vaccinated,” Ash said. “We’re laying down specific legislation or incentives. I hope we create something effective. “

He said he personally believes in positive incentives, such as lifting special restrictions for those who have received the vaccine or other benefits.

Ministers were scheduled to meet on Sunday afternoon to vote on the ongoing reopening of the economy, based on the minutes of Dr. Ash joined the government last week.

According to the plan, the implementation of the first phase is set for Feb. 23 and will see levels 5-6 and 11-12 return to schools and street shops resume operations.

This phase also includes the reopening of malls, shopping centers, gyms, cultural and sports centers – including limited live performances – museums, galleries, libraries and hotels without restaurants , but only for those with a green passport, meaning they have either received either vaccine doses or recovered from the virus.

While the czar said more reopening will only be allowed after at least three million Israelis have been vaccinated, he said the reopening of hotel dining rooms, restaurants and cafes would begin ” around March 9 “, which is the final stage of the picture.

When asked which places will be allowed to reopen for green passport holders, Ash said he did not expect people to give up their certificate when they entered businesses that were deemed essential, such as supermarkets or development.

“Places where you can estimate in advance how many people can enter, we will want to reopen in a more controlled and direct way to green passport holders,” he said.