Iron Dome is successfully introducing sea missiles for the first time

Israel has completed an air defense exercise that tested the capabilities of the Iron Dome missile defense system to stop sea missiles for the first time, the Ministry of Defense announced Tuesday.

The defense center ran a test of the four Israeli air defense systems against a number of threats from land and sea, including sea missiles and ballistic missiles. Defense officials assessed that Iranian-backed militias could try to fire naval missiles into southern Israel.

סידרת הניסויי במערכת הנשק סידרת הניסויי במערכת הנשק

David Sling’s missile defense system in use during multi-layered IDF air density drill

(Photo: Ministry of Defense)

“The success of this series of tests is an important milestone for Israel’s defense capabilities against existing and future threats in the region,” a statement read read.

In the drill, the first of its kind, the various defense systems were needed to communicate with each other and stop several types of targets, including rockets, unmanned aircraft and missiles at the same time. .

Tests also showed that Israeli air defense systems could block a bunch of precision missiles. Although the drill did not include the new development laser based air defense system, the systems used elements that will be used in the future.
סידרת הניסויי במערכת הנשק סידרת הניסויי במערכת הנשק

Defense Minister Benny Gantz (R) will visit the IDF missile defense drill

(Photo: Ministry of Defense)

Along with Israeli defense officials, representatives from the U.S. Missile Defense Agency and Israeli defense industries took part in the drill.

Earlier this year, the defense center gave U.S. military representatives access to the first of two Iron Dome batteries, intended for American ground forces.

The system, manufactured by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, has completed more than 2,400 operational interactions in Israel since 2011 and was handed over to the Americans after a series of tests. The U.S. military purchased the battery to deal with the threat from unmanned missiles and unmanned aircraft.