Iran’s rule destroyed the tomb of the executed warrior

The Islamic Republic of Iran went on to contain the violence of the executed guard guard Navid Afkari, laying on his grave Thursday after his brother and father were arrested when who visited the cemetery. Afkari’s sister, Elham, posted a picture of a Navid’d looted grave. , writes on Instagram: “You can threaten, destroy, or arrest, what are you going to do with Navid name and memory in people’s hearts?” The Iranian regime, according to Western governments and human rights groups, suspended Afkari in September for his role in protesting regime corruption in 2018. The regime sentenced him to death for “war action against God ”for participating in demonstrations against poor economic conditions in Iran. Iranian Director General Ali Khamenei’s clerical administration said in the absence of evidence Afkari killed a security official who monitored the protests.Post Jerusalem Navid’s father Hossein Afkari and his brother Hamid were reported Thursday clearing the area around the warden’s grave when they were arrested. They were released later in the day. Afkari’s grave electronic social media was destroyed by a new wave of harassment directed at Tehran’s presidential rulers.

“After the execution of an innocent #NavidAfkari, a warrior guard, and his two prisoners, the Islamic Republic of Iran has now liberated Navid’s grave. He is not even allowed to rest. What more should this poor family suffer? World, hear this family, ”tweeted Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist who launched the United campaign for Navid.

The U.S. Department of State tweeted his Persian language account: “The regime tried to silence the execution of Navid Afkari. They are now trying to make the world forget by laying on his tombstone.They cannot understand the memory and desire of the grave.Navid is now carved into the hearts and minds of liberation-loving Iranians all over the world. According to the website, Iran International, governor of Sepidan, a county in the Fars district of Iran, said the authorities destroyed the Navid tomb site because of its The wall built at the site it was against rules. The governor said the wall was built “without following technical engineering standards, and without permission from technical authorities.” Afkari is buried in the Fars region. Reports said Navid’s father and brother were trying to “prepare his grave for a gravestone when they were arrested by security forces who identified themselves as Ministry of Intelligence representatives,” Iran International wrote. protesting against worsening economic situation in 2018, Iranian regime sentenced Navid brothers Vahid and Habib to 56 years and six months in prison and 24 years and three months in prison, respectively The two brothers are also slated to receive 744. On Friday, Ehsan Sam-Rajabi won his gold medal in jujitsu combat sports at the world championships in Orlando to Navid. -T goes on with a picture of Navid on the podium Sam-Rajabi, a former member of Iran’s national judo team, lives as a refugee in America. “Today I was fighting for Navid as a member. the United airs on Navid Campaign and I won the world title, “he tweeted.