Interview Priyanka Chopra Jonas with Oprah Winfrey: On family, film and spirituality

The multhyphenate almost sat with a queen of talk shows for the Discovery + show, which draws inspiration from celebrities in popular culture

The timing of the events is falling dramatically; those unfamiliar with Chopra Jonas might have fired up their search engines after she and her husband Nick Jonas were nominated for a 2021 Oscar nomination, as well as the fuss surrounding her clapback at news that questioned her credentials for the event.

The program, which was filmed almost entirely through the pandemic, depicts state-of-the-art technology where Copra Jonas is in London while Winfrey is based in Maui, USA. If you happen to watch it, you may want to take a closer look at where Chopra Jonas ’chair meets the floor and you’ll definitely see pixelation and a lack of natural shade. Isn’t technology amazing? But who really cares about that? We know you want to know what went down. I’m not going to talk about who she was locked into; scroll through her Instagram for clarity there.

Is it really Priyanka Chopra – though things may be meaningful – if she’s not dressed to the nines in a powdered one-shoulder blue jumpsuit with strappy and bling stilettos for days? But it is the character of the actor-producer who sells his presence. Chopra Jonas adds to the interview with her textured charm and her trademark glossy giggles that explode when Winfrey shares her love The White Tiger and each time the subject of Chopra Jonas’ s family, including her puppies, grows up.

Priyanka Chopra

Whatever you think of Copra Jonas, she has gotten into most of the ways in the entertainment industry: music, theater, podcasts, film and beauty pageants. And now, author, with her memory Not finished, which she wrote largely through pandemics. But thankfully Winfrey doesn’t stay on Chopra’s writing journey. It was as if she heard us say, ‘Come on, Oprah, we want juicy details! ‘and the queen of the talk shows was listening to us.

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Winfrey quickly moves on to the subject of Chopra Jonas ’father, Ashok Chopra who died in 2013 from cancer, to whom Unfinished is dedicated. As a testament to the tattoo of Chopra Jonas who reads ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ in her father’s handwriting, Chopra was “very proud of her daughter about the smallest and biggest things. ”

Interview Priyanka Chopra Jonas with Oprah Winfrey: On family, film and spirituality

After all, Super Soul this is about the guest’s motivation and Chopra Jonas certainly feels inspired by her father’s pride in everything she does and believes in, whether it be financial independence or speaking her mind against sex and racism – the last one in battle when she broke into Hollywood. She also credits her brother Siddharth for her career, as he had sent a headshot into the pageant group – to get them out of his hair.

Chopra Jonas also gets into her spiritual and religious side, explaining that although she is in a happy marriage with Jonas, a passionate Christian, she has a temple in her home and makes poojas as regularly as possible. she can. Chopra Jonas herself comes from a family of many faiths.

In less than 45 minutes, this program is of Super Soul compelling Chopra Jonas’ effort to succeed. We’ve seen several interviews about laughing, joking and occasionally banging back at her interviewees, but here Chopra Jonas realizes that Winfrey is giving her a platform to a real opening. And she did. Take a look at this program, though, we’re sure there will be some special videos all over YouTube soon.