Internet sleuths unravel a secret message on a Mars Perser rover parachute

Members of NASA’s Mars 2020 mission hid a secret message in the parachute that emerged Sustainability on the surface of Mars. (Image credit: NASA TV)

NASA hid a secret message on the parachute that came ashore Rover perseverance down on the surface of Mars last week.

Internet sleuths say they have “broken code” hidden in images since the Mars rover took off last week. Colorful patterns in the parachute used for landing appear to be mysteriously inscribed with the phrase “Dare mighty things,” a motto used by the Sustainability team at NASA’s Jet Devolution Lab (JPL). in Pasadena, California, which is a mission control for the Perseverance Rover Mission. Also set out in the message are the geographical coordinates for JPL: 34 ° 11’58 “N 118 ° 10’31” W.