Intel Warzone Management – External Influence

Here’s a guide for the 11th set of Intel Warzone – External Effects.

Warzone ‘s 11th Intel set is out and it’ s the most upbeat to date. Two of the intel spots are in different places than the clues say this week. Make sure you complete these missions as quickly as possible, as the Double XP gives you an awesome score for completing each goal.

Please note before we start that you can only build 1 piece of intel per game, so load into Plunder games to make sure there is a distance between stages. Here are the locations this week.

Intel # 1

We’ll start looking for this week’s message from Ghost. You will find it the highest layer of rocks around the Quarry, overlooking the workyard.

Intel # 2

After receiving a Ghost message, we hunt down some intel from ARM 3-1. This will be located on the summits of the places southwest of Superstore. The clutter on a backpack next to a large SOS message will be painted.

Intel # 3

This is the piece where things get a little … off. The proposal says to go to Block 2B at the Quarry, but the intel is actually on a PC in Block 2A at the lowest level.

Intel # 4

We will be looking for some additional chemicals in this mission. Head over to the center of Superstore to find cans of Nova 4 gas. Be quick though, enemies are about to swim in this area.