Intel Kicks Off A Gaming Graphics Card Launch With Scavenger Hunt

(Credit: Intel)

Intel may be getting ready to announce their first PC gaming graphics card in over two decades. On Thursday, the video chip vendor released a teaser for the GPU, which appears to be leading to an upcoming scavenger hunt involving the product.

The company has already announced that the graphics card, called “Xe HPG,” is set to arrive sometime this year. We hoped the teaser video would reveal new information. But all we got was some flashy graphics wrapped around a block of silicon, and nothing else – or so we thought.

In the video of course there are two sets of secret numbers. The first, at the 21-second mark, consists of four rows of numbers in binary code. Wccftech realized the same numbers translating to the numbers, which turns out to be the IP address leading to the Intel website,

Credit: Intel

The website greets you with the words “Welcome to the Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt,” which is set to launch on Friday, March 26 at 9 a.m. PST. It clearly states that visitors should return on the date to “enter your secret code. ”

the website
Credit: Intel

On March 23, new Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is holding an event to discuss the company ‘s future, so he may hand out the code then.

It is also possible that the secret code refers to the second secret number present in the teaser video. At the 17-second mark, the series of numbers 79.0731W appears. Since then, users have noticed that 79.0731W could refer to geographic coordinates, but who knows?

the second number
Credit: Intel

We have to wait and see. But we suspect the scavenger hunt will involve web-wide puzzles that can be coded to reveal the specs of the Xe HPG.

It ‘s certainly good to see more competition in the graphics card market, especially as demand for AMD and Nvidia GPUs has outstripped supply. However, Intel Xe HPG may not provide relief to users in the short term. The company is going to avoid making the cart using the furnaces themselves. Instead, Intel is cracking down on an external manufacturer, perhaps the already-weighted TSMC, to build the graphics cards.