In third place: Roma defeated Udinese 0: 3

Photo: Sports 5
Air of the top, Rome (getty) (Photo: Sports 5)
Top Air, Rome (getty) | Photo: Sports 5

Following Milan’s surprise loss to Spain, Inter’s golden opportunity came today (Sunday) to reach the top. This will happen if Antonio Conte’s team defeats Lazio at San Siro in the main game. Earlier, Roma qualified for third place in the table with a light 0: 3 over Udinese at the Olimpico.

Rome – Udinese 0: 3
Paulo Fonseca’s team did the job and recovered very quickly from the loss to Juventus last Saturday. The opening of the Wolves was promising. Already in the 5th minute, Gianluca Mancini raised a ball to the field and Jordan Verto slammed close inside and subdued Juan Musso, the visitors’ Argentine goalkeeper.

In the 25th minute, Pendel was blown to win for Roma. Verto took the lead and did not disappoint as he set up a 0-2 draw and raised his tally to nine conquests this season – as to the king of goals this season, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who incidentally was fouled wide by Musso during a run that led to Pendel.

4 minutes later Lorenzo Pellegrini scored Roma’s third, but the goal was disallowed due to a foul by Mkhitaryan. In the end, deep into extra time, Pedro was honored in the third goal with a soft kick to the net from 14 yards out. Roma wins 0: 3 and inflicts on Udinese the first loss after 5 games. The Wolves are only six points from first place.