Impossible 7 Rant COVID Was a publicity stunt says Leah Remini

Tom Cruise’s recent rebellion on Mission: Impossible 7’s set was just a major publicity stunt, according to actress Leah Remini.

Tom Cruise’s COVID Rant on the set of Mission: impossible 7 this was just a publicity stunt, according to former scientist and actress Leah Remini. It is no secret that the film infection has been hit hard by the pandemic Coronavirus. Several film productions halted production and their release dates were delayed. As for Mission: impossible 7, production of the sequel was halted in February due to the team firing in Italy. A few months later, Mission: impossible 7 and Mission: impossible 8 both of them were postponed until November 19, 2021 and November 4, 2022 respectively.

In the past few months, several studios have begun filming the upcoming blockbusters, although strict filming instructions are in place to ensure the safety of casts and crews. Mission: impossible 7 He was able to resume filming in July, which resulted in the release of several set footage and videos to show the film’s subtle stunts. Recently, however, an audio clip was released online of Cruise Screaming at Mission: impossible 7the team for breaking COVID protocols. In the long rant, Cruise threatened to set fire to anyone who violated COVID protocols after seeing two people who were not far away socially while looking at a monitor. It was awful to hear coming from a star as big as Cruise, but now it may have been a publicity stunt.

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In a long letter published by The underground bunker, Remini points out that Cruise ‘s long and emotional rant was nothing more than just advertising for advertising Mission: impossible 7. Remini claims that this rant was written for Cruise and was released online by his Scientology supporter. Remini believes that Cruise could not care less about his colleagues and that this rant is just another of his abuses. An excerpt of Remini’s letter can be read below:

“Tom’s response released yesterday shows his true personality. He is a non-verbal man. I saw him, I got him to a small degree, and I was told about abuse. like his ex-girlfriend, his staff, and his friends.This is the real Tom.This was the only response Tom gave to the staff of his house when the ingredients were not right to make chocolate chip biscuits. This is the same kind of tirade that Tom put in when the assistant had the ability to give him a drink in a chipping mug. “

“Tom doesn’t care about his crew’s families; this is it all for transparency. Tom does not believe in family values. I mean, how someone falls for this just lifts the mind. I bet Tom wrote this rant for him and that his Scientology assistant was recording and releasing it. Hearing a wealthy actor with great power speak to his team in this way is a sign of weakness and someone in great distress. this is No just a rant of another ** hole actor. Tom Cruise pretends to care why a few have called out. They know this is a publicity stunt, they know what Tom is and what Tom believes. Tom believes in the destruction of a family if a member of Scientology decides to leave. Tom belongs to a cult that is prohibitions victims of pedophiles for reporting to the police, Tom belongs to a cult that prohibition victims of rape report their crimes or abuse… and if they do, his cult says their lives should be destroyed for doing so. “

The Church of Scientology has been at the heart of criticism in the past, and Remini herself was a former member of the group. In her letter, Remini was not only attacking Cruise but the Church of Scientology as a whole. Remini has spoken out against the Church several times and there was even a successful series on A&E called Leah Remini: Scientology and its aftermath. In response to their criticism, the Church of Scientology responded to her letter by saying:

“The Church of Scientology has done more than any other religious institution in promoting COVID-19 prevention activities – across the U.S. and around the world. Long before” stay at home “led, the Church took aggressive actions to prevent the virus.The Church leader was in action well ahead of the curve.Remini is an unreliable source who attacks Scientology for publicity and money – as she herself has admitted. ”

Rant Cruise on the Mission: impossible 7 set has been the subject of controversy since it went out online. Many people agree with the message behind his COVID rant, but not how he handled the issue. Back in August, Cruise posted a video of himself going to watch Tenet in theaters. This was also a controversial advertising stunt, with many saying that Cruise was more concerned about reopening theaters than the welfare of filmmakers. That being said, other Hollywood celebrities, such as Christopher Nolan, have been just as eager to reopen theaters. Filmmakers generally want to go back to watching movies on the big screen, but as box office numbers have shown, fans only want to do so once and for all. is it safe. Ultimately, a cruise on-set rant might be one big publicity stunt, but it could be just like a case where a particular actor is concerned about the team and the his team being out of work, again.

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Source: The Underground Bunker, The Cover

  • Mission: Impossible 7 (2021)Release date: November 19, 2021
  • Mission: Impossible 8 (2022)Release date: Nov 04, 2022

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