Imax May can add more than 400 theaters in China by 2023 with New Deal

Wanda IMAX Cinema, Shandong Province, China.

Photographer: Zhang Peng / LightRocket / Getty Images

Tha Imax Corp. sees the potential to add at least 400 theaters in China by 2023, as the cinema chain operator looks to expand its footprint in a country that has emerged as the the world’s largest film market this year.

The Canadian-based company Ontario, which is famous for big screens in its film halls, has signed a contract with its Chinese partner. Guangzhou Jinyi Media Corp. for five new locations and an upgrade at seven existing ones, he said in an email. Imax, which owns about 700 theaters in China, sees potential to expand its network by more than 50% over the next three years, he said.