If the parties boycott each other how will we defeat our enemies?

Tonight (Monday), the chairman of the right, Naftali Bennett, participated in the launch event of the “Scroll of the Common Destiny”, which was intended to connect the Jewish people in the State of Israel and the Diaspora by formulating general principles. The scroll is a joint initiative of the Genesis Foundation, the State of Israel and under the auspices of the President of the State.

MK Bennett spoke at the event and said that “these are difficult political times in Israel. I call on my fellow politicians: Let us never return to internal and personal boycotts against each other. This is how we have already lost our country twice. Fierce arguments? for sure! Boycotts against each other? No! We are one people. And we will stay with one. ”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu watched the ceremony at ZOOM and said: “My wife Sarah and I did intend to be with you in this class but the Corona rules are binding on us all, so we are happy to be with you from a distance as well. This is an important day in which we sign the Declaration of the Jewish People, which in recent generations has jumped from the valley of killing to the heights of revival. Before my eyes, especially on Hanukkah, are the wonderful things written by Mark Twain, a great American writer of the 19th century.

“I am excited to see every evening the giant menorahs lit in major cities around the world. The Jewish light and the light of Israel shine on the streets of New York, on the streets of Moscow, in the heart of Skopje, which this year commemorates the lighting of a thousand menorahs by the Jews of Macedonia who were exterminated in the Holocaust, and the lamp is lit at the foot of Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The Prime Minister referred to the phenomenon of anti-Semitism that has not passed from the world: “I do not turn a blind eye to the challenges. There are still dangerous phenomena of racism and anti-Semitism. We are committed to fighting them resolutely, fearlessly. But the light is infinitely greater than the darkness. If we continue to adhere to the policies we have outlined to strengthen Israel’s power, we will bring more achievements, more peace alliances, more prosperity and pride – to us and our brothers and sisters abroad. “

Added another head. The government said: “I would like to add three points that I consider to be the essence of Jewish existence and are expressed in this important scroll I have just signed: one – the responsibility for the fate of humanity, two – the ability to swim against the current when it is a just goal, three – the mutual guarantee.

“The second point – a stubborn adherence to just principles,” the prime minister added, “we are a hard-hearted people, as Charles de Gaulle said. Even in ancient times we challenged vast empires. We refused to surrender to predatory forces. We swam against the current. We fought for our freedom, for the preservation of our identity, for the continuity of our heritage. This principle should continue to accompany us in the age of sovereignty: on issues crucial to our existence, we must adopt a firm and proud stance. ”

“Not bowing your head, but raising your head. Sometimes you have to stand up and not give up, even in front of friends, even good friends. I did so in my opposition to the nuclear deal with Iran. I have warned of the dangers inherent in this agreement for our future and the future of the entire world. This approach, in fact, contributes to a fundamental change in the attitude of Arab states toward Israel. When you strongly oppose a bad thing – you also serve as a support for other factors. Today we are revolutionizing on a historic scale in the Middle East. ”

“The third point is the mutual guarantee – the alliance that unites Jews all over the world,” Netanyahu clarified, “We can argue, we are doing it not bad. We can have sharp disagreements, we do that too. But at the same time there are fundamental values ​​that link a Jew from Argentina to a Jew from Tunisia, a Jew from Australia to a Jew from Ethiopia: memory, wisdom, learning, destiny, destiny, brotherhood, historical memory and hope for Jerusalem. We saw this with the miraculous aliyah from Ethiopia just a few days ago. It was one of the most exciting moments to see them go down and kiss the soil of the homeland, carrying a little girl named Jerusalem. ”

The Prime Minister concluded his remarks by referring to the Jews of the Diaspora and their immigration to Israel: “The plague brought with it countless initiatives of kindness and giving. Reaching out across ocean continents. At the same time, immigration to the State of Israel continues. In a few years, half of the world’s Jews will live in Israel. They understand that Israel is a homeland, a warm home! Well the responsibility for the whole, the insistence on just principles, and the mutual guarantee, are central foundations of our existence, from the past to the future. Together we will continue to strengthen the solidarity between Israel and the Diaspora, and between the Diaspora and the Diaspora. Together we will turn the letters of the scroll we signed into the building blocks of Eternal Israel. Thank you very much”.