If the 14-year-old bride is naive: “What’s the problem?”

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A week ago, a 14-year-old girl was about to marry a 24-year-old man. At the last minute, police officers broke into the house, stopped the wedding, detained the bride’s father and groom for questioning, and transferred the bride to the welfare authorities.

Tonight (Wednesday) Barhanu Tagania interviewed the bride’s mother for the main edition of News 12. According to her, she does not understand what the fuss is about.

“As for the age of the wedding, the girl was mature in her soul – that’s what matters,” she said. “She has a very great mental maturity. She’s not like a 14-year-old girl as I remember myself at 14.5, when my head was completely in other things.”

And why did they try to marry her to an older man? The mother explained: “If she is already getting married at such an age, will I marry her with another child? Is there someone suitable for her, someone who can support her.”

According to her, she did not know that this was illegal. “I did not know it was like a man steals or like a murderer that he harms someone. I know a lot of girls who got married at the age of 15. It happens to us a lot, there are a lot of girls who are mature for it.”

After it was decided to take the girl out of the house for welfare, the mother demands that her child return home. “I want them to bring my daughter home. I do not want them to take children in this form of injustice from home. That is certainly not the case here. It does not happen that there is a friend and girlfriend today in the secular world the name will keep? So what, is it legitimate?”