Iceberg bigger than NYC break of Brunt Antarctica Ice Shelf, netizens react

A huge iceberg, larger than New York City, has broken off the Brunt Antarctica Ice Shelf and photos and videos of the event shared by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) are now touring the internet, encourages numerous feedback from netizens.

BAS said, in a press release, that scientists discovered massive growth in ice more than a decade ago. According to a BBC report, a crack in the ice shelf widened several hundred meters on February 26 after which the iceberg appeared.

Sharing a view of the crack, the BSC said in a tweet that the calf is unlikely to be affected by its Halley Research Station located on the Brunt Ice Shelf, a process in which ice cubes break from the edge of a glacier. .

Check it out here:

An A12-ball crew working at the station left in mid-February after closing for the Antarctic winter, the British Antarctic Survey said.

Many who came across the films raised concerns about the impact this event would have on the environment. Check out some of the comments here: