“I was captured by the dribble. I am in Betar Jerusalem to stay”

Betar Jerusalem has everything except quiet this season and on Saturday what was clear for a long time became official – the fact that it will play in the lower playoffs again (for the second time in three years). Moshe is celebrating For the club he certainly did not plan that this is how his team would look like and after the professional failure and the departure of Slobodan Drapic and Shai Barda, the owner stood in front of the microphones on a special trip and talked about everything.

“I’m here to stay. Let’s put this issue behind us. I’m not leaving, I did not plan to leave and I will not leave,” began celebrating. “People kind of forget that football is not a business, certainly not a profitable business. This is a love for football, it is a business that loses a lot of money and has already cost me over 10 million NIS. “I did not come to Betar to make money and I do not think there is a husband who came to make money. I came to do good in a place that is important to us all. Jerusalem is important to me, I love football. I saw that there are not simple problems here, I decided I want to deal with them.

“Sometimes I take to heart more than I need to, it’s hard for me to look at Betar and analyze operations as coldly as in my other businesses. I have the same emotions as any fan and I take the situation seriously, “celebrates.” I got into a situation where the family does not like everything that happens, because when there is no success it affects my home and business. At the same time, I do not break down or give up when it starts to get tough. I need to do research and understand how to fix it. “

Other than that, Hogg claimed he was open to helping fund the club: “I do not know of any place or institution I donate to that has exclusivity. If anyone has donated or thinks he can donate similar or other amounts of money feel free to do so.

“I will go without a fight under a number of conditions: if the majority of Betar’s audience behaves racistly, but we are light years away from that and are fighting it excellently. I will also leave if I feel that the audience does not want me. Not aimed at 200 fans but the entire audience. Besides, if someone with more significant abilities than me arrives and is willing to march Betar forward. I will remain a fan and not stop the club from advancing. If there is a capitalist who wants to invest more than me, I will not stop him. I do not see one like that yet, I love “Betar will continue to invest and I will stay.”

Mistakes made this season: “I was captured by the dribble and did not give enough respect to hard work. We did not focus on our defensive game, the defensive game is not suitable for the Premier League and our focus will be dramatic to strengthen it. The quantities? A coach will come and decide. We are not sloping for players who have quality and hard work. We will succeed. “

About Betar fans: “Everything we do is for the sake of the audience, so that they will be happy and satisfied. At the same time, Betar’s audience is one of the most complex in the world. It is the largest audience in Israel: where we did not check we found it, Light years from the other major refineries. Maccabi Tel Aviv and Maccabi Haifa, of course, but even the crowds of Hapoel Beer Sheva and Hapoel Tel Aviv generate a higher income for the club than Betar fans.

About La Familia: “I do not close my eyes to the racism that still exists in the audience. I think it is relatively small, but when 200 people speak they hear more than half a million who are silent. “No matter how much time the person has spent, once he does not do what they think should be done they burn the club down.”

“There’s a problem with this slice. Because even in La Familia there are good people who do bad deeds. La Familia also does a lot of good deeds, but just as a husband can not say to his wife ‘I am a good husband even if sometimes I hit you’, so the audience can not curse “Our players. It’s embarrassing. We want a loving and supportive audience. Not to mention Ali Muhammad who suffers repeated calls even because of his name.”

“This slice is problematic, I do not want to concentrate on wars. I do not want to invest time and energy in it. This slice is doing Betar damage for years and years and it will not stop if we do not stop it. The intention is for ten to twenty of their leaders, who terrorize the true fans. We have no cooperation with state institutions, give them two weeks exclusion. They should be stopped not for me but for the sane fans. When you growl towards a black player at Chelsea you are kept away for life. The club will keep away fans who are having problems. “

Betar’s assets: “We have enough assets. When I bought Betar, I bought a store without stock, there were few players, even those who were good, that could be sold. I bought inventory for tens of millions. I bought players the most money from all the Premier League teams combined. We sold players for good money and it will be used and can be used to improve and empower the club. This is something important that happened. As an agenda, we do not have the search for the star who will occasionally run and bring exiles. The best gift I can give Betar is a system that can work even if I am not in it. “

Owners in Israel: “I have to say a word about the culture here in the country. When a billionaire comes and pours huge sums, everyone applauds and respects him. It’s broken. You admire a man for his wealth, but people are measured by what they do. I do not have the ability to put 100 million every season and if I did Doing so, I was a criminal. What do you think will happen at Maccabi Tel Aviv when Mitch Goldhaar leaves? People waiting in line? It is important to have a fair financial play. I tried to pass a law for financial fair play, ten teams agreed and it did not work. It is not possible for everyone to do what they want. Haifa fans campaigned for the departure of Yaakov Shachar. Who will come? There is no one to replace these owners. “

On the well-known tweet of the earners after being relegated from the cup: “If I tweet something publicly I probably wanted to say it publicly. Sometimes I’m wrong too, but I had hard feelings after being relegated from the cup. In the last game against Ashdod we got two yellows in the last minutes, it is inconceivable that we get yellow cards because I see it as a commitment. “Zargari received the most yellows this season in the league and all the respect to him. It shows the commitment. It is allowed to screw up, but there is no such thing as not leaving everything on the field.”