“I thought he was laughing”: What did Mourinho say to Klopp?

“I thought he was laughing”: What did Mourinho say to Klopp?

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Thanks to a particularly dramatic goal by Roberto Firmino in the 90th minute, Liverpool climbed to the top of the Premier League with 1: 2 over Tottenham. Now, after 13 rounds, the champion is ranked in first place with 28 points, compared to the Roosters in second place after her, with 25 points.

Aside from the big drama at the end, the conversation between Jürgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho after the final whistle also attracted attention. The winning manager gave his side: “The atmosphere did not warm up at all, he was not happy because he told me the better team lost and I thought he laughed! But he did not, so that’s the situation.”

Mourinho also addressed the matter with Klopp, and as he knows better than anyone – provided a bite on the road. “Everything is fine between us,” Balconies said, adding: “The judges let him behave the way he does. That’s not my problem. It just saddens me because I can not behave the same way, but that’s the situation. I’m not the person to talk about my colleagues’ behavior. On the lines. “

Beyond that, as mentioned, there was also a game. Klopp Complimented at the end to his Brazilian striker, whose jab brought victory: “I like to talk about Bobby’s goals, but it always sounds like we’m in shock. It’s not uncommon for him to score, he’s the highest level player there is and he scores, but sometimes he does things for us “They’re leaving him out on the field. I can’t be happier with him. It’s a very important goal for us.”

The German manager summed up the game: “It was a top-flight match against a rival from the top that was super organized, and a little more defensive than we expected, but that’s because of how my guys played. It was a really really good game for us, and that’s exactly the way to play. “Goals. It’s natural. The outbursts were great and it has to be said that it was a pretty good game.”

Muhammad Salah, who scored the first goal in the 24th minute, was chosen as the outstanding player of the game. For the Egyptian star it was the eighth goal in his 13 appearances against Tottenham, his favorite rival, having not shown such numbers against any other team. In addition, he has been involved in six goals in the last seven Premier League games against the Roosters, with five goals and a brace.

On the other hand, despite the words of his opponent, Mourinho Was determined in his own: “We deserved to win and I was disappointed. Obviously they held the ball longer, but when he was with us, we knew how to hit them. We had to score the second and third to kill the game. In games like this you have no 10 chances but only three or “Four, and we have to use them to kill the game, and we did not do that.”

“A draw was probably a fair result, but a loss is really, really unfair. In the end it’s football,” the Portuguese continued, repeating the message. “We have to score. Point. Especially in the moments when they suffered we saved the ball, and they were in trouble, and in moments like that we had to kill the game. At the end fate decided they would win, and in a strange way especially for me.”

As he often does recently, Mourinho posted a post on the subject on his Instagram account, with a picture of him from the 63rd minute, so a kick by Stephen Brahwin hit Alison’s beam: “The moment the beam prevented us from getting it. Proud of everyone.”