I got one of just 77 ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ limited Doritos Fuel Cells and it’s super cool

Over my years of contributing to Forbes, I have to admit that I found PR swag very interesting. A number of Activision weird things immediately come to mind, like the mysterious purple egg that appeared on my doorstep and blocked it when it was announced Trilogy Spyro Reignited, or the background mirror car dice, told about new Crash Team Racing repeat on the horizon.

Then the big costume at military level was sent from Mountain Dew and call of Duty a few years ago, if I remember correctly, it weighed 60 pounds and was practically exploding out of its shipping box. I pulled it inside and opened it to explode a bunch full of trinkets and clothes with a fancy logo, plenty of chips, as well as several Game Fuel cans. Sticky and over-the-top, but fun, though.

I’m the first to admit that these mostly cheap, just expensive and modern PR gimmicks are meant to sell games, but still, I like the look. Most of the time the weird stuff. They are often wildly creative. And honestly, I thought I had seen it all, to this day, when a box came to my porch containing the coldest piece of trash I had yet found.

Now, I know Cyberpunk 2077 still sees its controversy, especially with the recent news that Sony is pulling the game from its digital store so that CD Projekt Red can rectify what is broken. But that has little to do with the surprise I got my hands on this evening – Doritos link in /Cyberpunk 2077 a faux fuel cell that answers the question: “Ever wonder what Doritos would look like in 2077? ”

According to the copy inside the box, I am “part of a special group of 77 who acquired the Doritos fuel cell”. The front of the card is yellow and black containing the cell, which turns to display the fuel cell for all to see, saying I have a 17/77 unit. And honestly, I’d be lying if I said I just didn’t feel a little thing special. I know it’s silly, but come on, let me have this moment. It’s been a rough year.

The fuel cell is full of motion sensors, so after turning on the power switch located below the base, the translucent plastic lights up to red and blue from time to time, changing colors from after all actions. Even appropriately locked blinking occurs before the entire cell is illuminated in each individual version. I’m a little worried about the Class AA laser alarms plastered all over the cell, I thought you can’t go full Cyberpunk without a dash of danger.

So what does this funny night light hold inside, you ask? Well, encircled inside the glossy plastic is a triangular device, and inside sin the Doritos bag. Not just any Doritos bag – these are of the 3D mix. That’s right, people. Doritos 3D is back, and now that I’ve eaten the included sample, which tastes just as 3D as I remember them being from back in the day, I must i will now find out what else should be stored in this neat decor. Probably my Cyberpunk 2077 refund? Too early, I know.

Nonetheless, I think this is the coolest PR thing I’ve received yet, and I thank the kind people at Doritos for putting it out. On a side note, I hope that CD Projekt Red can eliminate the situation they are in and finally deliver a product that will please gamers as expected. In the meantime, I look at (without entering) the fuel cell with my laser light, waiting for the true potential of the Cyberpunk 2077 to finally solve.