“I feel great” – Deadline

“I feel great” – Deadline

Ellen DeGeneres posted a health update via Instagram today, confirming to fans that she’s fine and feeling “100%” despite catching the coronavirus.

DeGeneres announced last week that it had done a good test for Covid-19. Today, she spoke from her home with a positive assessment.

“I feel really good,” the 62-year-old television guest said, but added one caveat. “One thing they’re not telling you is that you can, somehow, get back pain,” she said. “I didn’t know that was a symptom, but I talked to some other people … Who knew? How come?”

Muscle pain and body aches have been identified by the Centers for Disease Control as a Covid-19 symptom.

Today’s update came after the December 10 announcement by DeGeneres that she had been positive. In that message, she said that anyone who had contacted her had been contacted and that she was following CDC protocols.

Fans posted will receive good wishes on her Wednesday video.

“Love you and I think of you and I’m so glad you feel ok… this world needs you,” Joshua Radin wrote with a few hearts.

“Get well soon, Sweet Ellen,” wrote another fan.