I can’t stop looking at Atomic Heart skin in this trailer

Atomic Heart is an upcoming sci-fi RPG set in a warm-up version of the Soviet Union. Robots are suddenly running at a strange facility, and it’s up to you to figure out what’s cracking. I’ll tell you what doesn’t crack, though – the main person’s skin. A new trailer for the game’s mega-realistic picture mode shows off its spotless setting. Oh yeah, and the robots look okay too.

Mundfish unveiled a 4K “ULTRA DETAILED” trailer for Atomic Heart mode, and despite the use of captions, I was still not ready for how detailed it would be.

So far, I’ve spent several minutes sitting at the eight-second mark. It is near nostrils with a slice of cheek. I can’t get over details of his pores and his lack of inclinations. To avoid even one place, or a black head, in an environment that is very annoying and irritating, it may be impressive.

Then it moves out and we get a glimpse of some steep robots. Again, I’m drawn to skin, but this time it’s the robotic type. At around the 53 second mark you will see rust rust on the zero device that is going to peel a rock. I’m also into criss-crossy arms held together by nuts and bolts that I can’t tear my eyes off.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Atomic Heart with less focus on skin, I would recommend looking at earlier attractors featuring drone bees and arm hair. And if you want to see other ray games and DLSS games on the horizon, our large list should do the trick.

There is no release date for Atomic Heart yet, but you can keep up with the game over on its Steam page.