Hundreds demonstrated in Umm al-Fahm

Umm el Fahm

Photo: Israel Police

Hundreds demonstrated today (Friday) in Umm al-Fahm, Qalansawa, Jaljulia and appealed against the rising crime and violence in Arab society.

In the shooting incident in Qalansawa tonight, 20-year-old Leith Nasra and 21-year-old Muhammad Shaker Khatib were killed. Two more wounded were hospitalized in moderate and mild condition. Shaker was the nephew of the mayor, Ashraf Khatib, who survived an assassination attempt about two weeks ago.

In Arab society, a call was circulated to participate in the demonstrations: “A massacre led to the deaths of two young men, who were shot while sitting inside a house. Unknown individuals broke into the place, cut off the electricity and committed the horrific crime. “Then we will go out to show anger. You must participate and your shout must be heard in the streets.”

Shaker Khatib, the father of Muhammad and the brother of Qalansawa mayor Ashraf Khatib, who was seriously injured earlier this month in an assassination attempt, said: “My son and his friends were sitting at home. Suddenly the killer arrived, broke into the house, cut off the electricity and fired. It’s not murder, it’s a massacre inside the house. “