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WhatsApp recently updated their Terms of Service and privacy policy telling users how user data is handled by the platform, how businesses can use Facebook hosting services to store and manage it, and the company partners offered by Facebook cross integration Facebook company result. Many WhatsApp users are now looking for alternatives to the app in other end-to-end encrypted messaging like Telegram and Signal. Several users have begun to make the move, which they have recently done Signal the best free app on it App Store and Play Shop in India, crossing WhatsApp.

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However, changing platforms often carry a legacy of losing your data on the platform. But apps like Signal make it easier to make this move. Here’s how to move your group conversations from WhatsApp to Signal.

    How to move WhatsApp group chairs to Signal messaging app

Signal application

How to move WhatsApp group chairs to Signal messaging app

Step 1: Open the Signal app, tap on three dots in the top right hand corner and create a group

Step 2: Go to Settings> group connection

Step 3: Turn on the toggle for Group connection and tap on “Share”

Step 4: Now open WhatsApp group chat and enter the group link

Now anyone with access to this link can chat in the Signal group created by the administrator. Signal appearing the administrator can disable the connection at any time. Not exactly WhatsApp, but the administrator can share this link on other apps to get the users on board.