How Sharon Carter became Captain America is America’s greatest love

With Sharon Carter awaiting her return to the MCU, here’s a look back at her history with the world’s greatest superstar.

Five years later, Sharon Carter returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Hawk and the Winter Soldier. Five years later, the Disney + show has a chance to treat the character with the respect that MCU has never shown before. Carter MCU ‘s role has been very similar to comics. She was interested in a love affair with Captain America Steve Rogers. Where the comic book version differs is how bad its relationship with the Star Spangled Avenger is.

Sharon came in first Suspense Stories # 75, with Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Dick Ayers. She was a SHIELD Agent with the codename Agent 13. When Batroc the Leaper attacked her on a mission, Captain America came to her aid, immediately seeing a resemblance between Sharon and his lost love, a French Resistance fighter. Sharon’s betrayal career seems to have been inspired by stories of Captain Peggy Carter’s old love interest. Peggy was Sharon’s sister when she first appeared, but was re-introduced as her aunt. After working together on multiple missions, against classic enemies like the Red Skull and AIM, the two finally fell in love, and Sharon became one of the first characters to learn that Steve Rogers was secretly Captain America.

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Sharon’s life seemed to end in a case of grief Captain America # 233, with Roger McKenzie, Sal Buscema, and Don Perlin. Working as a SHIELD liaison for the NYPD, Sharon joined a white supremacist group known as the National Force. While under the mental control of Dr. Faustus, she appeared to have put a suicide device on her dress, moving herself. Rogers was certain she died after showing video evidence in Captain America # 237, with McKenzie, Chris Claremont, Buscema, and Perlin. He grieved and moved on, having relationships with lawyer Bernie Rosenthal and reviving the Diamondback supervillain. After fifteen years off, Sharon returned Captain America # 445 with Mark Waid, Ron Garney, and Mike Sellers.

Sharon revealed that she was left behind in a secret SHIELD expedition, where she was presumed dead. After escaping captivity, she worked like a fool. Her experience gave her a cynicism that made her completely different from her previous love interest.

Through her mercenary work, she came across the non-Nazi group the Kubecult, who wanted to use the Cosmic Cube to resurrect Adolph Hitler. That led her to team up with the Red Skull, revived a dying Rogers to help them defeat their common enemy.

Sharon usually kept Rogers’ vibrancy at a romantic pace on her return. There was still a romantic tension between them as they continued to work together. After her brief stint as the first female SHIELD Director came to an end, they put on their last romantic love in the time of Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting Captain America running.

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Sharon Carter fires Captain America

During the Civil War superhero, Sharon was again treated by Faustus. This time he set her up to play a leading role in the apparent death of Captain America. His brainwashing forced her to terminate Rogers after he was shot by a sniper, who was later identified as a Crossbones, at the door of death.

Steve Rogers eventually returned Captain America: Reborn, by Brubaker and Bryan Hitch. Sharon’s murder of Rogers appears to have led to his involvement in time. The Red Skull and Doctor Doom used her to retract the Avenger, as part of a scheme to give Skull control of his body. He eventually failed. Sharon dealt with Skull’s extended Pym Particle death plate with SHIELD Helicarrier missiles.

Afterwards, Sharon and Steve reconciled, taking Sunday leave at her Virginia estate. They’ve been together ever since, just separated by her time in captivity in Arnim Zola’s Dimension Z, who spent her childhood, and an evil doppelganger in her place. Secret empire.

Unlike her MCU companion, Sharon Carter is the love of Captain America’s life in the comics. Although off and on, they have been together since the mid-90s. They are partners both romantically and in adventure to this day. They are unlikely to get the happy ending that Steve and Peggy made in the film world, but their relationship still has an impressive legacy.

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