How do you solve a problem like Ferrari?

More arguments have been put forward for driver of the year, as well as comments on Ferrari ‘s problems and the classic message they received from McLaren.

This is the latest edition of the mailbox for confirmation…

Driver of the Year Candidates

Christian Sonier: [I don’t know] how anyone could classify Lewis [Hamilton] as driver of the year, car of the year yes, driver without means.

Dark Power: Erm… Turkey Turkey 2020. Keep an eye on.

A car needs a driver. This driver won over 100 points over his next competitor and did so in 16 races.

If it’s the car, why such a big gap? If this car is so magical that one can drive it, why not Bottas share the winners?

He is part of that ‘anyone’ group. Unless we make a specific exception for Bottas and say, the only one is not good enough. Handy sees him as the only man to have driven against Hamilton in the same car in the last few years.

In fact, Lewis is leading the year.

Aab Linkon: Max [Verstappen’s] third place with just nine points to Bottas in a car that is very low should be given to the driver of the season. Or at least make him a very strong candidate. Max’s Silverstone and Abu Dhabi drivers alone should have given him the driver of the season.

Armando Bautista: I have to go with Checo [Sergio Perez] for driver of the year, he fought his team, COVID, bad luck, bad pit stop, getting the shoe unusually, bad calls that took his podium away twice, water, engine on blown, the whole field for the win, no upgrades for three races and still hitting Stroll, he personally won on track battles with Max, Ricciardo, Albon, Ocon, Sainz, Lando, sweeping the floor with his teammate, winning an Albon / Checo battle, almost earning one place for himself for his team on the stand (he would have been 3rd if he hadn’t wanted to update the snub strategies and bad stop) and finally DNF and still earned 4th place in the drivers position.

Ferrari must stand against the temple to look back


Gordo Sixtytwo: Montezemolo would be great to run the road car division but not the F1 team. That’s a problem for Ferrari today, if the Ferrari CEO is calling the scenes for an F1 team, as it always has been.

F1 is different today. It’s not the same when Montezemolo ran Ferrari in 1975. Montezemolo prospered in 1996 to 2006 because he had a dream team made up of Schumacher, Brawn, Todt, Martinelli, Byrne. The dream team is gone.

The remnants of it have disappeared with the exception of Rory Byrne, who now serves only as an emergency recall for a 2022 car instead of a full-time.

At the end of 2006, Schumacher and Brawn left Ferrari. The remaining team won the 2007 title and were still competitive in 2008. But as more of the Ferrari dream team departed, Byrne (semi – professional), Martinelli (moved to another division), Todt ( he went to the FIA), Stepney (middle figure in Spygate), Ferrari team fell apart. 2009 was the beginning of the recession.

They were okay in 2010 & 2012 but just because of how good Alonso was.

Montezemolo and Domenicali were unable to succeed. They were not good enough. The aerodynamics became too complex in F1 and Ferrari fell behind. By 2013 Montezemolo and Domenicali were missing.

In 2014 he came to a final decision. Sergio Marchionne had seen enough and got rid of Montezemolo. Domenicali had seen the writing on the wall and had resigned earlier. He was agile. That’s why he doesn’t go backwards, despite the rumors. Domenicali has a good job with F1 working with Ross Brawn.

Montezemolo is not the man to turn the F1 team. It’s great for the road car division but not the F1 team. That is the problem for Ferrari today.

They need someone who understands both the workings of road cars as well as the technical aspects of modern F1 racing. Ferrari is a unified company. They are structured as a single entity.

The racing team fits the same CEO and board of directors. If Ferrari does not change their structure, they need someone who is capable of running both F1 and the road car department. If Montezemolo were to return and succeed, he needed a better team principle than Binotto.

Sebee: That’s the only way Ferrari can win! Guaranteed winners, from top to bottom, are not just drivers as they have been doing in the last decade.

Ferrari has sat on their crossover and allowed the sport to be more than 90% car less than a 10% driver. They then hire drivers thinking they will magically overcome this ratio and the shortcomings of a Ferrari car.

So to come back to Montezemolo – he knows very well, to win a Ferrari, someone else has to do the job, just wearing a red polo shirt, instead of a silver one for example.

McLaren and Ferrari are in love

GoMcLaren: To see Manchester United and Real Madrid exchange F1 this kind of mutual respect is beautiful. I never thought I would see this between McLaren and Ferrari. Rival, okay, but friend? Wow!

If Ron Dennis and Jean Todt had been in charge back in the days of the Mosley era, this kind of exchange would have been very unlikely.

Arjun: “You were, and you are, one of our oldest and strongest competitors. We respect history and legacy, as we do our own.

“We are happy with every battle with the red team. McLaren and Ferrari are like two opposite poles that attract each other. You are both an opponent and a friend, and we respect the Scuderia and the Tifosi. ”

That line says it all.

These two have explained Formula 1 as it is now and hope to continue doing it for years to come. He liked it! Absolutely.

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