How do COVID vaccines affect coronavirus transmission?

The vaccines have come ashore. After gaining an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) over the weekend, Pfizer‘s (NYSE: PFE) The COVID-19 vaccine was launched across the U.S. with the first wave of Americans beginning to receive the vaccine. But will blocking the vaccine prevent the spread of coronavirus to others? Here Motley Fool Live video recorded on December 11, 2020, the head of health care and cannabis bureau Corinne Cardina spoke with immunotherapy scientist Dr. Leo Nissola about this important issue.

Corrine Cardina: Another thing I think is a bit confusing about how this vaccine affects the spread of the virus. Is it possible that you could be vaccinated, then be infected with the coronavirus, but not develop COVID-19 and give it to someone else?

I think part of the upheaval is that the endpoints in these trials have been the development of COVID-19, not so much the infection with coronavirus. Is there an important difference here and can you shed some light?

Dr Leo Nissola: There is. That is a $ 10 million question and one thing I wish I had answered.

At present, what we know from the published data is that we still believe that people who have been vaccinated can become infected in case they become infected. We don’t know and until we do that, we still have to use what we know. Social distance, wearing a mask, and avoiding indoors.