Hivebusters is a true DLC gameplay and an excellent Xbox Series X demo show.

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Screenshot: Microsoft / The Alliance / Kotaku

Hivebusters is a new single-player DLC campaign released for Gears 5. It is also one of the best looking games on Xbox Series X and feels like full Gears a game tucked away into a tiny size experience that is excited for the future Gears of War.

This new $ 20 DLC campaign, released on December 15th and it is too free to all Ultimate Game Pass subscribers, the star Marcus Fenix ​​or JD or Kait. Instead it tells the story of the origins of Scorpio Squad, a team of three formed by retired COG General Hoffman to enter, explore, and ultimately destroy Hives, large underground nests that generate deadly Swarm animals. Hivebusters, tells the story of how this ragtag team of misfortunes came together and how this fascinating campaign began. Destroyers: It involved a lot of killings, shootings, and explosions.

I won’t spoil the documentary arc of the DLC, but it does a good job of hitting on the key elements I expect from a good thing Gears story. There are characters who kick in but start to grow into families through trials and lies, some cameos and fun shows, good calls to previous games, and mysteries to be solved. But instead of spreading this story over 10 or so hours, as a big thing, right Gears game, Hivebusters strains everything into a three-hour adventure that’s more like Gears of War film and game. And it works. I hit the whole thing in one sitting and had an explosion from start to finish.


Screenshot: Microsoft / The Alliance / Kotaku

What helps to do Hivebusters so easy to hit in one sitting is its position. Most of the DLC is located on or under a series of tropical islands covered with lush jungles, beautiful ruins, and impressive expanses of lava and fire. It feels very different from what it was before Gears of War games, and gives the DLC a special tropical feel. It’s also one of the best video games I’ve played all year. Holy seed, folks, this game in 4k HDR running at 60fps on Xbox Series X is a must see. If you’ve recently bought an exciting new Xbox Series X or TV and want to show it off, upload it Hivebusters and people get a good idea. I ended up taking a lot of screenshots because I was just walking around going “Oh wow, look at that! ”Over and over again.

It is a fight to do all this work, which has always been the backbone of Gears 5. Turning out, Gears 5 still an exceptional hunter who feels amazing to play. Hivebusters it won’t change too many things, letting go of the already brilliant fight, but it adds a few wrinkles. Instead of a bot following you around, you have your own personal skill. Each of the three members of Scorpio Squad has its own unique ability. When playing alone you can order them to use the ability at any time, assuming it has not gone through. These abilities don’t change games much, but they do give you a few options.

I played through the campaign as Keegan, the man with the best facial hair Gears hemisphere, and allowed me to drop an ammo pack that filled all my guns and gave ammo to nearby crews. All of these abilities can be upgraded by finding strange, hidden stones hidden throughout Hivebusterssix chapters. What are these stones? Why are they shining? I have no idea. The game does not explain. Just pick them, nod consciously, and keep firing.


Screenshot: Microsoft / The Alliance / Kotaku

One more interesting thing about it Hivebusters how often it tries to remove your OG lancer and make you use other weapons. On one hand, I understand that the developers are asking people to play around with the tide Gears 5 arsenal. On the other hand, the lancer. She is chained. I want that thing.

Playing Hivebusters it also made me think about the future of Gears of War. The final game ended with a big moment and it looked like it would set up a big battle in the future. But Hivebusters tropical setting, along with Gears 5The experiment of the open world, I am excited Gears 6. I hope we will continue to see the Coalition move forward and change up the Gears franchise while maintaining the main things that people all love. So far the studio has been very successful in getting rid of that, which is not an easy thing to do. And Hivebusters showing that the Confederation team has a hand in how to do good, inspiring Gears content that also looks amazing.

So now I just have to wait Gears 6. It’s going to be tough.


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