History in Abu Dhabi: First Covenant in the Muslim State

History in Abu Dhabi: First Covenant in the Muslim State


A particularly historic and moving circumcision was held over the weekend in the Muslim country of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Ynet has learned. The alliance was held for the son of a Jewish couple who previously lived in Berlin, Germany, and was accompanied by a Chabad emissary and rabbi of the Jewish community in Berlin, Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel, who is in close contact with the family.

This is the first alliance ever held in Abu Dhabi and the excitement of the participants was especially great. The ceremony was held in collaboration with a mohel operating in the UAE for several years. The participants held a morning prayer, the reading of the Torah and at the end of the prayer they performed the circumcision ceremony.

“The event was special, powerful and encouraging,” says Rabbi Teichtel. “Participating in the covenant of a Jewish baby on the eighth day of his birth is an unforgettable experience. To stand there and think that this baby continues the thousand-year-old Jewish golden dynasty.”

After the alliance, Rabbi Teichtel had a lengthy meeting with the German ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Peter Fischer, about the evolving Jewish life in Abu Dhabi. The rabbi later spoke with a senior United Arab Emirates official.