Here we are retelling, season 5 Episode 9: ‘The Ride’

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The Ride

Season 5

Episode 9

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Last week, we looked at how a handful of Pearson babies were introduced into the world. Now is the time to get home. But it’s not just Frannie and Nick and Hailey for that drive-to-home drive from the hospital: This program falls into a full swing of Pearsons driving a newborn home for the first time. hour. If all of this feels familiar, you may be thinking of moving on to the two-season program “The Car” in which we found many stories that happened in The Pearson Wagoneer. This is not. Yes, the montage near the end of the section felt a lot like Wagoneer’s stuff, but where “The Car” was more about a family car being a kind of memory book and a way to look back and remember to keep life together, “The Ride” is about the beginning of a journey together.

Let’s start with Jack and Rebecca leaving the hospital with the Big Three for the first time as it is the most exciting of the various car rides we get in this program. And also because I think I’ve decided that Jack and Rebecca are Jack ’and late’ 70s / early ’80s. Why? Who has to say. He probably has 73 percent to Jack’s beard. 86 per cent. Anyway, how awful does it take to leave the warm, supportive cocoon of the hospital with three newborns? No one can blame that security guard who sees Jack incorrectly installing the cars and when he learns triplets Jack just answers “oh god, god bless you” before walking away. Jack and Rebecca are very brave people and also no one wants to get into that situation unless they have to be.

Jack and Rebecca are pretty awesome too. Of course they are! As well as keeping three people alive, don’t forget that just days ago Rebecca lost a baby in infancy. She and Jack have barely begun to process that loss. No wonder she’s upset when she realizes she can’t see the babies’ faces from the front seat to make sure they’re okay during this ride.

And then the babies start screaming. So Jack, who is trying to prove to Rebecca and himself that he is a potential supplier, is already bleaching it down the highway when he is cut off by a real driver. They pull into the same gas station and Jack is about to download this guy but Rebecca talks to him. To calm himself down, Jack walks in, buys himself a small bottle of whiskey, and lets him down. He has Rebecca driving the rest of the way home.

When they finally enter their driveway, the three children are asleep. They decide to wait out in the car, which causes them to finally open up about the emotional twists they both get inside. Oof, this scene is so good. It’s just the right level of feeling and emotion and it also pushes forward some character development. Rebecca fears she will be a bad mother because she will be too sad – watching her happen to her mother after giving birth – and she feels like a completely different person than the one who left to go. with just babies. days ago. Of course, what has happened to her has changed – how could she not? – but Jack reassures her that doesn’t mean she won’t be a good mother.

He cannot give the same kindness to himself: He is utterly afraid that he will be just like a father. He tells Rebecca about the whiskey and how much booty he was ready to put on that driver. That’s father. His father hated being around his own family and “blew air” out of any room he was in. Jack’s relationship with his father has been part of the series, but he’s been getting more attention this season and I hope This is us going further. We have yet to see what happens to the Pearsons immediately after Jack and Nicky return from Vietnam. And we know that Jack asked Stanley for money to buy his and Rebecca’s dream house and refused to see when he was dying, but is there anything we should know about ? There is interesting stuff out there waiting to be discovered.

Anyway, Rebecca tells Jack that he’s not going to be like his father. “You don’t pull the air out of the room, you son the air, ”she says to him, which is a castle like hell, but I’m also inside. They understand that they will be fine because they have each other and it ‘s all very sweet and maybe we should all sit in cars while children sleep in the back until we get a feeling again, I don’t know, it’s weird time.

At the same time today, Kevin once again shows us that he is very much like his father in all the best and worst ways. He is also involved in a rage on the way home from the hospital with the new babies. His partner also has to put the partner off before he does something he will regret. Kevin’s problem, however, is not that of a reckless driver, it’s the paparazzi who follow him to get a glimpse of the Manny with his new babies. Madison – which is, at least, like, an quietest new mom on the planet, who is angry because I don’t think Madison has ever been quiet for one minute of her whole life – I can see Kevin being angry with a lack of sleep (shall we talk ever about how he pulled a man out of a burning car and made his way flying without an id? So many follow!) and she takes over driving duty and pushes him to a nap . Inside this nap we get some adult Kevin and Jack interactions.

Kevin dreams of walking into Jack (interestingly he ‘s Mustache Jack of Kevin’ s childhood and not Goatee Jack of Kevin ‘s teenager, is he?) Holding his new grandchildren and ready for a heart with his son. Dream Jack tells Kevin that he must stop trying to keep up with him. You see, Jack spent so much time worrying about turning into his father and Kevin is worried about not being like his father and they are just spending time under fear. He asks his son to decide what e want and go get it. Of course this is all in Kevin’s head, but it feels like a very brandish speech to Jack.

What Kevin wants is his family. For real and forever. So he officially recommends to Madison (well, “officially” with his hospital bracelet). They do this, I believe?

And what about Jack Pearson’s other son? One of our next car rides after hospital follows Randall and Beth after the birth of our only real liberator, Annie. All Beth wants is Blizzard Snizzkers from Dairy Queen. Everything Randall wants to talk about is having a third child. Randall is SO MUCH. I know we already know this but sometimes we have to remind him. Beth is like “someone else came out of my body recently, just give me a fucking blizzard, dude” and Randall asks, knowing he’s SO MUCH, but also explains where he’s from it comes with this awful request.

A nurse at the hospital said Annie has her father’s eyes and this is a major concern for Randall, who was never like family. There is a difference between knowing your family and knowing where you are from. This is, of course, the only thing we’ve been watching Randall go for today. He wanted to be connected to something bigger, he wanted to understand his roots, which is why the search for his birth parents was so important to him. When it comes to children, he wants to build a family tree full of branches. The boy loves plant metaphors, okay? Randall hopes that even if he and Beth don’t have children, his daughters will have babies and his family tree will grow on and on.

That’s where the flash-forward comes in. We meet Adult Deja and Adult Annie, who drive together to Uncle Kevin’s house to join everyone to say goodbye to Rebecca, and Deja is pregnant with a baby! Annie knows but no one else. Her own tater tot gets her own tater tot! Randall is so happy, his tree gets a new branch. But even better: We learn that Deja is becoming a doctor. We are all so proud!

• Kate and Toby’s plans are thrown out the window on the way home from the hospital when a confused Ellie tells them that she knows they have agreed to an adoption. open full of tours and photos, but she can’t be a part of Hailey’s life right now. She wants to say goodbye and move on. Kate is devastated, especially after seeing what Randall went through without knowing her birth parents, but Toby tells her it will be okay. And who knows, Ellie might want to meet Hailey at some point in the future. They have this. Remember how many lies Toby had when Jack was born? He is so confident and resilient now! Say turn.

• It’s an intense day at Pearson-Damon’s house because Toby has to tell his wife that he’s put off. Then Kate has a chance to be confident. These two seem to be in such a good place right now.

• Okay, so just as Old Randall is about to enter Old Kevin’s house with his Adult Daughters, another car pulls up, hits, and Old Randall says “Show who it is” as he and Adult Deja will know. With most of our other top players listed in the flash-forward (is Miguel still alive? Is Madison’s wife Kevin?), It seems like it is. This is us prime for us for some sort of publication with Kate. Are the answers in this car? When will we find out? It’s possible I over-invested in this preview!

• Beth’s great love for her Blizzard DQ was very flexible. I mean, she’s going for Snickers and I’m more of a Butterfinger girl, but I felt great.

• Learning that Randall would be weekly Felicity watching parties with his mother is the most precious gift.