Hebrew News – Watch: President Biden tripped and fell while boarding Air Force 1

Watch: President Biden tripped and fell while boarding Air Force 1

In a video released, it is possible that the president almost skips the stairs before he stumbles and falls to his knees, and then he has already climbed the stairs more slowly while holding the railing. White House Communications Director: “President is fine and does not need medical attention

President Biden stumbled and fell three times earlier today (Friday) as he climbed the stairs toward the Air Force 1 presidential plane.

The moments when the president stumbled, this morning at the Andrews base (Photo: Getty Images)

Biden arrived in the Marine 1 helicopter at the Andrews base in Maryland, and from there continued his flight to the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

A video posted shows the president starting to climb the stairs in big strides and suddenly he loses balance twice, and the third time he stumbled and fell on his left knee. He can then be seen getting up and continuing to climb the stairs, this time while holding the railing.

“I am pleased to report that the president is fine and does not require medical attention,” wrote Kate Beddingfield, White House communications director.

As you may recall, last November – after the Democratic candidate won the election but before entering the White House – Biden stumbled while playing with his dog, and he suffered a foot crisis.

The White House explained that the bizarre incident at the Andrews base would have no effect at all on the schedule in Georgia, which includes a visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a visit to the massacre area that occurred in the city a few days ago.