Hebrew News – This is the most beautiful woman in the world according to People magazine

Hebrew News – This is the most beautiful woman in the world according to People magazine

Supermodel Chrissie Teigen was recently crowned as the most beautiful woman in the world and even starred on the cover of the magazine when she was with her children. “People” justified their choice: “Open-minded, funny and beautiful Teigen. She is honest about her shortcomings, and about the less beautiful moments of parenting and fame. “

Just two years after her husband, singer John Legend, was chosen by the same magazine as the sexiest man in the world, it was the turn of his wife, model Chrissie Teigen. The magazine explained that the choice felt particularly natural this year in light of the fact that Teigen is not only beautiful, but also honest and touching.

In other words, a choice is made not only because of beauty and appearance but also because of personality. The magazine has been awarding the prestigious and coveted title since 1990, and since then mostly women have starred on the coveted cover, among them you will find Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Judy Foster, Halle Barry, Lupita Nyong’o, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bulk , Jennifer Aniston and more and more.

In the men’s section, which is not very large, you will find Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, John Legend, Leonardo DiCaprio and more. Teigen as mentioned shares the gate with her two children, Miles and Luna. The model said in an interview in honor of the gate that she loves her children and feels liberated and happy. “Our children are social, curious and creative, it is important for us to instill these qualities in them,” she said.

Teigen began her career as a model, but took care to say that she no longer counts calories today: ‘It’s important for me to enjoy life. I prefer mental health to physical health. I spent too many years counting calories. ‘