Hebrew News – Kim Kardashian and Kenya West live together but lead “separate lives”

Kim Kardashian and Kenya West live together but lead “separate lives”

After reports of a tense relationship between the two, a source close to the two reveals that apart from the fact that they share a house with their four children, there are not too many launch points between them.

After an exhausting summer, Kim Kardashian and Kenya West are still in the system together, but according to a source who knows nothing they are “separate living managers”, at the moment. The source detailed that “Kim has a job and projects that are important to her and Kenya has his own,” he said. “Their lives do not overlap so much.”

At the same time the source says, “Kim looks happy” and she is “very focused on work and goals”. He added: “She strongly believes she can make a change in the prison reform,” the star, who is studying law, reported this week and tried to push President Trump to reduce Brandon Bernard’s sentence. Bernard was convicted of murder as a teenager in 2000 and executed by the federal government on Thursday. “That’s her passion,” the source said of Kim’s work for reform. “My family is very proud of her.”

West, on the other hand, has maintained a fairly low profile over the past few weeks after starring in a variety of scandals last summer. In July, he of course announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States and revealed very personal details about his family and marriage during the campaign. A source said at the time that the decision to run was made while West was having a manic attack due to the bipolar disorder he suffers from.

The incident apparently put the marriage in crisis. Sack and Kenya would appear to be on the verge of divorce before reconnecting in August and spending private time with their children. The two have four children: “7-year-old North, 3-year-old Chicago, 5-year-old Saint and a year-and-a-half-old sculptor.”

Kardashian, who in July referred to her husband’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder, recently posted about their relationship on November 22. “Happy decade celebrations for Kenya’s album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’,” she wrote, referring to an album released by her husband in 2010 that became a hit. “For those who do not know the story behind ‘Lost In The World’ ‘… Kenya could not think of some of the words but then he realized he had them in a poem he wrote to me which was the birthday greeting he gave me at age 30. He took the poem “That he wrote to me and turned it into a song. I keep everything! Scroll to see the card.”