Hebrew News – Development in mediated divorce in the swamp: Angelina Jolie informed the court that she had evidence that Brad Pitt had used violence

Development in the mediated divorce in the swamp: Angelina Jolie informed the court that she has evidence that Brad Pitt used violence

International actress Angelina Jolie has argued that she has the ability to file evidence of domestic violence from the time she was in a relationship with Brad Pitt, adding that she and her child are willing to testify.

There is no doubt that the divorce of the actress duo Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is the hottest issue right now in the Hollywood swamp, and the most well-publicized divorce of the period. It now appears that a new development is emerging when Julie goes to court and says she is interested in proving that Pete was violent towards her and her children.

As mentioned, the actress added that she is willing to testify to that, and the couple’s children, Maddox (19), Fax (17), Zahara (16), Shiloh (14) and twins Vivian and Knox (12), are also willing to testify, if necessary. A source close to Brad Pitt says that the actor is not moved by Julie’s claim and said: “Angelina is trying to use children to hurt Brad, and she has done this several times in recent years.”

On the other hand, a source close to Julie claims: “Angelina fights for the truth to come out, and especially strives to protect the children, and she has no intention of giving up.” As you may recall, Julie and Pete announced their separation in 2016, after 12 years together, and since then the two have been in a complex and well-publicized divorce proceeding.