Hebrew News – Ai Du: Children’s star Bella Thorne is engaged to her partner

Ai Do: The children’s star Bella Thorne is engaged to her partner

Bella Thorne told her partner of the past two years, Italian pop singer Benjamin Mascolo, Ai Du, that it was after he knelt down and pulled out a particularly impressive and sparkling diamond ring

Bella Thorne (23) and her partner Benjamin Mascolo (27) recently got engaged, after two years of a close and romantic relationship. Remember, Thorne started out as a Disney child star, but in recent years has been trying to make the challenging transition from the world of children to the world of adults. Recently, the star shared with her 24 million followers about the fresh engagements.

The marriage proposal took place on a set of photographs in which the two are. Thorne wrote on the social network: “I’m happy,” and she does not forget to congratulate her partner on choosing the ring: “He knows my style.” Masculo also shared a picture of the two on the social network and added the caption: “She said yes.”

As you may recall, Thorne became famous mainly following the Disney children’s and teen series “Shake.” In 2016, she came out of the closet as bisexual, but shortly afterwards declared that she was pansexual, adding: “I fall in love with a personality, not a man or a woman, that is, not a person’s gender.”

The star has had particularly well-publicized relationships with actors Taylor Posey and Greg Sulkin, and even another, polyamory relationship, with singer Maude Sun. She met Masculo in 2019 during the Coachella Festival, and since then the two have been inseparable.