Heather Morris says she is allowed to defend the ‘Glee’ costume Mark Salling

  • Heather Morris defended her recent comment on a “Glee” fan post about her late costar Mark Salling, whom she called “offensive.”
  • Kevin McHale, a Morris and Salling costar, who played Artie on the musical comedy-drama, retold a fan’s memory of the show’s show “A Very Glee Christmas.”
  • But in the shadow of the fan from the program, they covered Salling’s face with a vomiting emoji face.
  • Morris responded to McHale’s retweet, saying the emoji option was “offensive,” and doubled down her comments in a series of follow-up tweets.
  • “We only lost 2 throwing balls, we lost 3,” Morris wrote. “And it’s very difficult to work as that invisible 3rd man, because while it’s impossible to prove his actions, he was once part of our family.”
  • Salling had pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography a year before he committed suicide in 2018.
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“Glee” star Heather Morris didn’t hold back in her criticism of a fan post celebrating Fox music comedy-drama, which sent a vomiting face emoji over the face of the late Mark Salling’s costume.

A fan released a series of screenshots from the 2010 show’s “A Very Glee Christmas” show to mark the 10th anniversary.

“Ten years ago today‘ a very beautiful baptism was broadcast, ’” they wrote on December 7th. “Artie got his magic feet, we all fell in love with a beast coach, and Brittany ruled Christmas magic for everyone.”

Kevin McHale, who played Artie on “Glee,” shared the fan’s tweet with his fans Thursday, writing, “This record is going well tho.”

But Morris, who played Brittany on the show, raised a question as the fan covered Puck’s face, the character played by Salling, with a face-off emoji – apparently a reference on Salling real life arrest for possession of child pornography. in 2015. The actor would continue to plead guilty to the charge two years later.

“[T]it puts an offensive Marks face, “Morris said in response to McHale ‘s retweet.

After many Twitter users called out over the idea, Morris doubled down in a series of tweets posted on her own page Friday.

“I don’t feel like I ever have to prove something because it’s better to leave some things unpaid,” she wrote.

While Morris noted that Salling’s ownership of child pornography was “ruthless” for some people, she urged fans to pay homage to the actor, who committed suicide in 2018 while and awaited sentence for his property charge.

“We didn’t just distribute 2 members, we lost 3,” Morris continued on Twitter. “And it ‘s SO amazing [sic] difficult to work as that invisible 3rd man, because although his actions are irrational, he was once part of our family and was SICK minded. ”

“While I don’t want to say it all, that’s true,” the actress wrote in another tweet, concluding her message by thanking fans for her handling of it. with “such respect and unhappiness for a time that I can’t get through a day without keeping my eyes out at the loss of my entire ‘Glee’ family.”

In addition to Salling, several other members of “Glee” have died in the years since the show appeared in 2009. The famous musical Fox ran for six seasons before going off the air in 2015.

Cory Monteith, who played quarterback-turn-glee club star Finn Hudson on the show, died in 2013 from an overdose of heroin and alcohol. He was 31.

And earlier this year, “Glee” star Naya Rivera was accidentally drowned while sailing with her young son on Lake Piru in California.

Morris, who played Rivera’s on-screen best friend on “Glee,” praised the actress on Instagram after she was drowned in July.

“I know you are still with me and although I feel greedy to have no more time together, I appreciate every moment we had and keep it close to my heart, “Morris then said.