heartbreaking! An ultra-Orthodox adult was arrested “accidentally”, dragged barefoot, released, missing and located in a hospital | Watch

Last Thursday, police raided the home of the 66-year-old ultra-Orthodox Yosef Fleishman in Jerusalem, dragged him barefoot and arrested him, until they finally released him claiming it was a mistake. After he was released, he was declared missing and only after hours was he found lying in the woods. Fleischmann was rushed to the hospital, with cold sores.

MKs Moshe Arbel, Uriel Bosso and Bezalel Smutrich demanded answers from the police about its conduct. MK Israel Eichler even called for the suspension of the police officers involved in the case: “.

The Israel Police said: “Following a complaint received by the police about threats, the police arrived at the address given to them by the complainant. There they met a person who refused to identify himself as required, so they had to detain him and refused to cooperate was brought to the police station.

After identification operations were carried out at the police station, it became clear that this was not a suspect needed for investigation for the threats, so the man was released immediately. Later in the day, a report was received that the man was missing and the police began carrying out a variety of operations until he was located. In addition to the aforesaid, we intend to investigate the case and, if necessary, the necessary lessons will be learned accordingly. “