“He will sit with us when Netanyahu leaves”

(Photo: Shahar Goldstein)

Chairman of Yisrael Beiteinu, Member of the Knesset Avigdor Lieberman, Continued today (Sunday) in an interview at the Ynet studio to attack the ultra-Orthodox parties – and reiterated his condition that he only enter a government where they are not. MK Yaakov Asher M.Torah Judaism, On the other hand, claimed in the studio: “On the day that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leaves – Lieberman will return to sit with us.”

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Yaakov Asher and Avigdor Lieberman at the Ynet studioYaakov Asher and Avigdor Lieberman at the Ynet studio

The problem is Netanyahu? Yaakov Asher and Avigdor Lieberman at the Ynet studio

(Photo: Yariv Katz)

At the beginning of the interview, Lieberman attacked Yair Lapid, Gideon Saar and Naftali Bennett, and claimed: “They are adopting the wrong strategy. They are shooting inside the ADF and waging a war against each other over who has more. In order to defeat Netanyahu, one must give up the ego and agree on two basic principles – the one who will get the most seats is the candidate for prime minister, and who under no circumstances or circumstances agree to a coalition with Shas or Torah Judaism.

According to Lieberman, “Those who control the country are Aryeh Deri, Yaakov Litzman and Moshe Gafni. Netanyahu is only executing. He is unable to make any decision against their will. They determine everything, we were in a general closure because they did not agree to a differential closure. Even in cities with a low morbidity rate Educational institutions were closed. “

Lieberman continued to attack: “There is selective enforcement, and this is due to the fact that Netanyahu is enslaved to the ultra-Orthodox. He needs partners in French law and the overcoming clause, and they are the only ones he trusts in this matter.” He also pledged not to recommend to the prime minister a candidate who would not pledge not to sit with the ultra-Orthodox parties. He said, “The State of Israel needs a Zionist and liberal government. Precisely today, 125 years since the book of the State of the Jews.

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Naftali BennettNaftali Bennett

Will he sit in a coalition with Meretz? Naftali Bennett

(Photo: Hadar Yoavian )

Do you think Bennett will have the courage to form such a coalition?
“This is what the state needs. The national interest is such a government.”

Lieberman emphasized in an interview: “When I say to change the government, I do not mean to replace Netanyahu – but the government. Not to replace someone anonymous when Gafni continues to sit on the tap. As long as Gafni, Deri and Litzman are the tongue in cheek – they will continue to make decisions and continue to run the State of Israel. “It is impossible when there is a state within a state, and the ultra-Orthodox public is not interested in the general public or the state. We see the funerals of the elves, weddings and tishs.”

“The ultra-Orthodox parties currently control the Finance Committee, the Economics Committee, the Law, Constitution and Justice Committee, the Ministry of Housing, the Israel Land Administration, the Ministry of the Interior and the Planning and Building Committees,” he claimed. “It’s an impossible thing. No economic decision can be passed without their consent.”

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Joe Biden and Benjamin NetanyahuJoe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu

“Failure in Foreign Policy.” Netanyahu and Biden

(Photo: Avi Ohayon, GPO)

Asked why US President Joe Biden did not call Netanyahu, Lieberman also attacked the prime minister over his foreign policy, claiming: “He called himself another league, but it is a league for jobs.” “The foreign court also did not mention Israel at all in the foreign policy speech. The International Court of Justice has ruled that Israel can be investigated for war crimes. The Armed Forces has announced that Iran is as close to nuclear weapons as it has ever been, and Nasrallah himself has doubled the number of missiles. His exact. “We also saw a surface-to-air missile firing at a UAV. Netanyahu failed miserably in foreign and security policy.”

According to Lieberman, “We usually set up commissions of inquiry after a disaster. This time, in light of the atmosphere between the top security and the political elite, it is worse than before the Yom Kippur War. They should set up an Agranat committee now, before the disaster. There is no need to wait.”

MK Yaakov, who first commented in the studio today on the morbidity data from the ultra-Orthodox sector, said that “there are ups and downs, I think there will be more studies that will give explanations about certain periods. Later, when the name Lieberman came up in the question, MK Asher muttered: “Oh oh really.”

(Photo: Shahar Goldstein)

“Lieberman has done nothing more,” said MK Asher. “Do you want me to recount our relationship with Lieberman for twenty years? On the day that Benjamin Netanyahu does not run for prime minister, Lieberman will sit with us. He will sit with anyone you want. “

He says he will not sit with you.
“He’s already sitting with Meretz, so not with us?”

He said that if Saar goes with the ultra-Orthodox – he will not.
“I do not know of any reform named after Lieberman or anything he has done in the 25 years he has been at the forefront of the executive-executive part. He was a minister in all the most important ministries. So he has only one thing to say in election propaganda – not ultra-Orthodox. “Can’t buy this disqualification of his. Do you know how many hours Lieberman has?”

MK Asher: “We are friends. What is happening here is elections. If the walls of this studio could talk they would tell how many in the last year and a half people have sat here and said they will not sit with one party or another. “As long as Netanyahu is on the podium, and as long as Lieberman understands that we are part of that Netanyahu’s coalition, he will do anything to overthrow him through us.”

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Yair LapidYair Lapid

“We are in excellent contact with my friends have a future.” torch

(Photo: Avi Mualem)

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  Funeral in Jerusalem  Funeral in Jerusalem

“A total of three funerals.” The mass funeral in Jerusalem

(Photo: AFP)

According to MK Asher, Torah Judaism prefers to go with the Likud because it is “the reflection of the traditional people.” However, he referred to the chairman of Yesh Atid Yair Lapid and claimed: “I think the guy has matured politically, not just in age. I do not know if “He changed and repented, I do not think, nor do I ask it of him. But I think he did understand that it is impossible to come and cancel such a large part of the people, because what to do – we are all here together.”

“I want to tell you a secret – we are in excellent contact with my friends and have a future,” Asher added. “Miki Levy is one of the people who work with Gafni in cooperation with the threshold committee, and I have a committee in the committee (Constitution and Law, ES) with Yoav Saglowitz and Karin Elharar. We work in complete harmony even with disagreements. “

Do you see a situation where you are sitting in the Torch government?
“This is science fiction. We are currently before the election, anything can happen. If you ask what I want – I want a right-wing government. Compared to others we are very stable – we go with the Likud. We said it. We should not excuse anyone for anything.” .

Is it possible to mend the rift between the ultra-Orthodox and the rest of the public?
“This rift must be mended. I think it comes from misunderstanding and lack of awareness and familiarity. We said from the beginning that the first priority in our opinion is education. It is true that there were violations, but there were violations in other things as well. Overall the Israeli public is not the most punctual public. The violations that came from distress, we asked for solutions. The rabbis asked for solutions months ago and asked to study in open areas, to reach some sort of arrangement. Yaffa Ben David“.
According to MK Asher, “Take a story of The three funerals Held for a year, of people who really were leaders. It is impossible to stop the public in such a thing, one must understand. Make it a violation and tweet about the guidelines? come on”.