Hapoel Hadera wants Koretzky to continue next season

After last night’s (Monday) 1: 3 victory over Hapoel Haifa, Hapoel Hadera want to see Menachem Koretzky continue at the club next season as well. Hadera is very pleased with Koretzky’s integration into the team and his connection to the players and the existing team, as well as in the coaching environment he says he feels an excellent connection with the club and sees himself continuing in the role so if things continue as they are, Koretzky will not stand on the lines next season. Managed to rescue the team from below the red line, where it was when he took it into his own hands.

Until a little over a month ago it was hard to believe it was possible for Hadera but the team finished the regular league while in ninth place with 32 points and no less than nine points away from the red line leading to the sub-league. Roy Reinschreiber’s final whistle last night was just the signal for the opening of the team’s triumphant celebrations that have undergone an inspiring survival campaign over the past month as they count a sixth consecutive league game without a loss and out of that, four wins and two in a row.

It can be said that shortly before Koretzky’s arrival, the team members had already started parting ways with the Premier League and saw themselves returning to the National League after three amazing years in the Premier League. Except for the change of coach, the team tried everything, tombs of the righteous, various purifications, special candles for success and more. “Our faith has always been strong even in difficult days,” said the club. “We are people who always believe that everything is good, what needs to happen is happening and here is a fact that what is happening now is really good. It was hard to be optimistic in this situation but there was no other choice. “If there is no war on the field, they will sign a relegation and it permeates all the time.”

Hapoel Hadera players celebrate at the end (Noam Moreno)

The happy coach thanked the players at the end for the excellent game they demonstrated and the fighting even when they were already with a 0: 3 advantage, “This is what I want to see from my players”, said the coach and celebrated with his players the victory with songs, water bottles, dances and countless smiles. Of group members. Professional manager Oren Golan also entered the locker room in leaps and bounds, jumped for joy and danced with his players. “This is the sweetest way to go on holiday and end the regular season in general,” they said in Hadera. “The squad has once again proved that it is worth much more than its position and much more than what we saw this season in some games.”

Alongside the great joy, the club have tried to make it clear that they have not yet finally secured the stay and must not remain complacent while there is another full playoff to go through in order to meet the task. The team set the players a task ahead of the playoffs that will open after the national team break, and that is to leave the club in the league officially as soon as possible and without allowing the rivals to recover and complicate the situation they reached after very hard work.

The team celebrated the victory with about 500 fans who returned to the stands at the Netanya Stadium and made sure to create a good atmosphere for the team players after more than a year who were not present on the pitches. At the end the actors sang and rejoiced with the audience that came and made sure to sing to each and every actor and actor one after the other. Prominent among the names that came up in the singing was goalkeeper Ruby Lewkowicz who became one of the crowd favorites thanks to his very good season between the posts and while he ran to thank them for the encouragement, they made it clear he wanted to see him next season and called on him to stay.

Hapoel Hadera players celebrate (Noam Moreno)Hapoel Hadera players celebrate (Noam Moreno)

In addition to the compliments for the whole team that fought and showed complete control throughout most of the game, it was also Gustavo Marmentini, Liran Rotman, Ido Levy and Maxim Flakushchenko who received compliments for the ability they displayed in the game, “We got air with this victory and the gap from the bottom,” said Flakush Clean up after the win over the team he grew up with, “We worked hard and I bastardize the win. I grew up in Hapoel Haifa, I respect the club very much so I did not celebrate. Seeing that the team is playing great, we scored three goals, something we did not do for a long time. We see the family and hope we end the season with a sweet taste. “