Hapoel B’Shlosha: Sharp criticism of Bar Natan after the 2: 2 against Hadera, compliments to Hatuel

Hapoel B’Shlosha: Sharp criticism of Bar Natan after the 2: 2 against Hadera, compliments to Hatuel

Let’s start from the end. If there is a bright spot for Yossi Aboksis from yesterday’s game, The super-dramatic 2: 2 draw against Hapoel Hadera, Although his team has lost two more points, it is the team spirit. The almost makeover she made Hapoel Beer Sheva, Very encouraging after only recently Aboksis realized that his team is under crisis.

The big story at the end was of course the judgment. Yossi Aboksis was furious that referee Daniel Bar Natan consulted during the VAR check and disqualified the goal scored by the team in the 97th minute, which was supposed to be the winning goal. There was someone at the club who said that “what is being done is just not normal. If not the consultation, maybe we will win the game. There is nothing to contact the union because they will go with the referee. It is just a pity that this is the conduct.” The club were also angry that such a critical decision was made at the end Three-second test only.

One of the players added: “It is not enough that the VAR destroyed the authenticity of the game, now they also add a consultant? What is the next step, referees will run a game from home?”. At the end, several players approached the referee’s area and protested the conduct.

Yossi Aboksis is angry with Daniel Bar Natan | Shlomi Gabay

In the locker room itself, reactions have been mixed, but one thing is undisputed – Aboksis is disappointed with his defensive center and pressures Hatem Abdelhamid to arrive. The trophy holder has already conceded 15 league goals, with only Hapoel Haifa and Bnei Sakhnin holding a worse balance sheet. “It could be the difference between Europe and a season that ends with nothing,” they said in Be’er Sheva. “We have to go over the goals we conceded and analyze what happened, but it is clear to everyone that it is not just the defense but the defensive game. We absorb too easily and instead of being ‘killers’ we lost the game. We had to finish the game much earlier and stick to fourth place.”

By the way, Aboksis chose to go up for the game yesterday without a natural replacement, even though Amit Bitton was fully qualified. In the event that one of the brakes was injured, Mariano Briero would have been moved to the brake position and Eli Madmon would have replaced him at the back link. As you may recall, we recently announced that Biton was offered a two-year contract.

Anthony Varen again managed to silence the doubts about him. After not being a significant part of the rotation, Be’er Sheva says that the striker returned to security. The one who received compliments yesterday is Rotem Hatuel, who reached the standard of another player in the rotation and proved that he deserves the red striker. “When he signed in Be’er Sheva, his agent said, ‘This is Maor Melikson’s new.’ “Stop their progress.” As we published, Almog Ohayon Invited to be impressed In the group over the next few days.

Louis Taha, Rotem Hatuel | Danny Maron

“A game with a lot of ups and downs,” he said Levita fan, Who repulsed the two penalties, in the game – against Marshall Ode in the first attempt and then in a spectacular leap against Shoval Gozlan. “We had less and less good minutes. We almost won the game. Very disappointing and frustrating.”